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13 Reason Why You Should Visit Palawan Right Now

  You may have come across gorgeous islands and beach photos from the Philippines and wondered if that is what paradise looks like in real life. Well, that itself is one reason why you should visit Palawan and this archipelagic paradise is indeed amazing at so many different aspects. But here is my reasons why you should visit Palawan:

  1. They've got one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

  2. Palawan has gorgeous beaches everywhere whether be it at Puerto Princessa, El Nido or Coron. 

  3. Those photos of Palawan you have seen on Instagram are not just filter but beautiful islands as it is. Yes, you can get one of the most breath taking views of the rocky landscapes, sky, the colourful sky and sunset, crystal clear water and beautiful little towns.

  4. Palawan is also a great place to disconnect from all your social media updates, the hustle and bustle of the cities and spend some calm and relaxing time with mother nature in an amazing way.

  5. You may have thought going to Maldives or Phuket would only be the perfect spot to explore underwater. However, you have Palawan as an amazing options whether it be scuba diving or snorkelling to see remarkable marine life.

  6. Delicious and cheap food, ofcourse. Whenever you are travelling great food, is a must and Palawan will never disappoint you.

  7. Palawan has beautiful lagoons and if you're into kayaking then exploring those lagoons in a Kayak is one of the most memorable experience.

  8. Traveling and getting an adrenaline rush is an awesome combo and at Palawan you can get yourself into so many outdoor activities. My personal favourite was the zip-lining in El Nido from one island to the other across the sea. 

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  9. It is cheap. If you're travelling from other parts of the world and then travel to Palawan, you will discover that everything is dirt cheap yet amazing. You could certain afford luxury in Palawan at the same price you go for beach vacation in a backpacker in South France, Miami or Bondi in Sydney.

  10. It is indeed a hiker's paradise. Palawan maybe known for its islands and beaches but there are so many tracks and landscape you can explore on foot and it is remarkable how much you can discover on foot which you would certain miss and be blessed jaw dropping views.
  11. If you're into backpacking and staying at friendly hostels, inns or your own cheap hut near the sea, then the great news is you will find a lot of them in Palawan. I personally used Booking.com to search for places and accommodation while traveling there as almost all places from big hotels to small hostels are registered and is quite easy to book and convinient to compare. Plus there are a lot of deals and discounts they offered. (USE THIS LINK for 10% discount on all bookings)

  1. However, if you prefer luxurious island and beach resorts then destinations in Palawan like El Nido and Coron has plenty of them and you would certainly feel like living as the king (or queen) of the island.
  2. It is obvious that Palawan is the perfect location for island hopping and exploring the sea. There are so many tours and trips that go from El Nido and Coron on a boat to the nearby islands and if exploring different islands from one to the other is your thing then I must tell you, that this experience is a 'must do' for all travelers in the Philippines.
And the list does not really end here as there is so much more of Palawan to explore, discover and experience and it is for you to check it out.

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