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The Ultimate Dumpling Hunt in Auckland: The Top Picks

The beauty of Auckland is its multiculturalism and the amalgamation of the rich Asian heritage in the city that reflects on the variety of food found in the restaurants and cafes in and around Auckland. Therefore, a major food culture of dumplings is very much existent and as a total foodie, trying dumplings from in and around Auckland CBD to Dominion road is an adventure.

On the basis on personal experiences, my top six picks for the best dumpling restaurants in Auckland are:

1. Barilla Dumpling, Dominion Road

Barilla Dumpling by far has the best dumplings in Auckland city. They have two restaurants in Dominion road and one small one opened recently right in the city at Auckland university. However, I personally prefer the one in Dominion road due to its huge restaurant like size and ambiance. This place is always packed with families and friends feasting over dumplings and other delicacies and truly after tasting their food, you would know why it is always crowded.    Their menu is really huge with heaps of variety (and by heaps I mean literally a hundred). You would come across so many different kinds of dumplings and flavours and trying them out has been an adventure and never disappointing. Some of the weird yet delicious dumplings flavours includes pineapple, curry chicken and apple and trust me, it is not bad at all.

2. Tama Eatery & Bar, Upper Queen Street

If you love dumplings that is rich is flavour, packed with stuffings and literally melts in your mouth, then you should definitely try some Nepalese dumplings 'momo' at Tama Eatery & Bar. Momos could be a dish that most Aucklanders are new to (which I assume), however I bet if you love dumplings or just awesome food in general, then dumplings at Tama would not disappoint you.

Plus, if you're vegetarian or vegan, there is a vast range of dumplings for you as well and they are equally delicious. I personally like the 'jhol-momo' which is basically dumplings cooked in a little thin spicy sauce. However, there are variety of ways momos are served here whether it be steamed, pan fried, deep fried or flamed.

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3. Eden Noodle Cafe, Dominion Road

Whenever I passed by this cafe, I always found a long queue of people trying to pickup food from this place and out of curiosity, one fine day I chanced myself to get a seat at this place and I knew exactly why so many people would wait for so long to get a bit of their food. 

This place could be small but the food here depicts the rich culture, freshness and love that Chinese culture shares. As I entered I saw a woman hand making every piece of dumplings and I knew exactly, what I should be ordering. Trust me, their dumplings are so fresh, which activates you sense of taste and smell all together with its juicy flavours. I really loved the dumplings on spicy sauce  which they have however is not ideal for someone who cannot take spice as it is burning spicy yet so good. It could be a challenge to find a place to sit and eat, which fortunately I was lucky to get and is not ideal for a big group. However, if you're looking to take away great dumplings to bite at home or in your car, then this one is indeed the most ideal.

4. Sajiao Chilli Restaurant, Queen Street

This place could be hard to find yet, it is right on Queen street and is one of those hidden gems for food lovers. However, this restaurant specialises on chilli so if you can't take a little heat then it may not be ideal for you. Their dumplings come soaked in chilli sauce (or more like soup) and is very spicy. Trust me, I like spice and medium spicy here makes me teary but definitely it is the tear of joy (and a little heat). This little cafe styled Chinese restaurant is one of those family based restaurants with friendly hosts and this definitely has made me visit this place again and again and the wait staff is always there is help, recommend and guide you to make the best choice.

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5. Panda, Queen's Rise 

If you're in the city and want to grab some dumplings somewhere easy to access and nice to sit, the new Queen's Rise complex is a great choice to taste some dumplings at this Chinese place 'Panda'. Their dumplings are not very traditional and caters mostly to young generations with a little fusion twist to it. The dumplings here could be a little expensive than most traditional Chinese restaurants in Auckland but yet affordable. They have good vegan choices as well and their sui mai and dim sums are to die for. Plus if you like sweet buns, they have a variety of them with cute shapes and well presented in little bamboo baskets. Not to forget, if you want to have an 'instagrammable' moments with your food porn then this place has definitely got it.

6. No. 1 Dumplings, High Street

Right in the heart of the city, this dumpling restaurant could be a little tricky to find yet, would quench all the thirst for your ultimate foodasm moment. A very casual cafe styled dumpling place in High Street, they have quite a variety of dumplings from the flavourful Shanghai styled watery buns to traditional Chinese hand crafted dumplings. One of the best cheap eats in Auckland and great for a quick take out. The only downside of this place is that they close as early as 7:30 pm so cannot cater your late night hunger buster.

However, as the quest for the best dumpling hunt in Auckland goes on, please feel free to suggest some other good dumplings restaurant if you have tried and I will definitely try my best to go there for my next dumpling adventure.

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