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Helpful Tips From Personal Experience on Phuket Island Tours

Phuket is one of the best destinations in Thailand for tourists and travellers and if you're a beach or island lover then this place is an absolute paradise. As a traveler who has been to Phuket a couple of times and experienced (and made mistakes), I would love to share some tips and tricks to make sure the island tours around Phuket becomes the best one.

Island tours around Phuket, which is basically the three island tour (depends on various packages) but mostly included Koh Phi Phi, James Bond Island and Maya Beach.
Where to get the tour package and at the best price?
Everything comes with a bargain price in Thailand and make sure you book the package at the right price (cheaper and better price) and yet the right package. Firstly I would recommend you to check the prices from the hotel / hostel you're staying at and get a quote on the tour price. Additionally, also check with travel agents close from where you are staying and get a quote from them as well. Basically, both the travel agent and the hotel concierge contacts the main tour operator so do ask them who the main tour operator is and get a brochure of the tour and contact the tour operator directly. There is a high chance you would get the best rate from the tour operator directly.

It is also a great idea to check online and book it there. A lot of websites do have promotions and deals which you could book in advance to avoid the hassle of going around asking. I personally recommend for booking those packages and also Hotel rooms as they give you a large number of choices from various price ranges. I also suggest you to use special PROMO codes to avail discounts.

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What is the best package?
With the tour packages, the price is all different in different places and the agent will try their best to make the most money out of it but you can and should always negotiate. Additionally, with the tours, they have platinum, gold and silver packages and are priced accordingly. The silver package is the cheapest one and is quite decent as well and does not make much difference. However, a tip, with most silver packages, the boat is of the smaller type which is a high speed boat. Therefore, sometimes if there is a bad weather while in the sea, the journet could be extremely bumpy in Phuket sea, espcially while on the way or returning from Koh Phi Phi. I have had an experience which took about 3 hours to return from Koh Phi Phi to the shore and the boat ride was so bumpy, everyone had to wear life jackets with people falling sick and water all over inside. Hence, if you would like to avoid it, then go for the package that has the large boats. If you're a group of youngsters and want some adventure, then this is fine as well. I enjoyed the bumpy ride myself personally while my fellow passengers, not so much.
What to avoid and be careful from the tour operators?
While making the tour booking, please confirm what is included and what is not as they may take the payments and later inform that you may have to pay some additional fees which is not included. A lot of times the entrance tourism fees to maya beach is not included. The same goes with rentals for diving gears, bag storage, toilet use in the islands, etc. 

How will the tour operators try to avoid tours?
A lot of times while on tour, the person operating in the boat may try to convince you to skip an island because the weather is not good and suggest to rather avoid that and spend more time in another island. This is one technique they use to make the best out of the money they have received from the tour bookings. Please do not fal for this trap as this happens everytime.
Additionally, a lot of tours do not include Maya beach and I personally would suggest to book one with Maya beach as it is one of the best attraction in Phuket.

What other traps from tour operators should you avoid in Phuket?
At the beginning of every tour, the tour leaders try to convince you to buy stuff from them like swimming gears, food, etc and inform that everything in the islands and Koh Phi Phi is expensive. Make your judgements correctly. They will show pictures of dangerous sea urchins and how people may step on it and have swollen feet hence convince you to rent fins or buy special shoes. It is always great to buy one or rent one from outside if you come prepared. The prices they sell are high. Most tourists get scary and immediately buy it. On my personal experience, the beach slipper they sell is good and is worth the money. However buying special swimming fins which are highly over priced is not worth it.

I hope these few advices on tour operators in Phuket and surrounding island is helpful. Please comment your additionally suggestions below if you have any as well.

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