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TAMA Eatery and Bar: Nepalese Restaurant in Auckland

Auckland is surely a heaven for foodies and due to its multi-cultural nature, the food also reflects how cosmopolitan it is. As someone who loves Nepalese food, the option for getting Nepali food in New Zealand is quite limited. But thankfully, TAMA eatery and bar that opened last year made it really amazing for every Nepalese person who misses the food from back home and also gave the local kiwis to try the new cuisine.

TAMA is located right in the Auckland CBD by Upper Queen Street so it is easily accessibly and is great to catch up for some mouth watering Nepalese food. What I really love about this place is it is quite casual where you can drop by to grab a bite or two accompanied by some beverages (preferable the must try Nepalese chang). The menu at TAMA, has been amazing here so a lot of authentic Nepali dishes has been introduced with a little kiwi twist to it to match the local needs, without hampering the authenticity of the dishes. 

A must try at TAMA, is of course the Dal Bhaat tarkari, which is the traditional Nepalese every meal, which includes rice, lentil soup, Nepalese chicken curry, bamboo shoot pickle, achar (spicy Nepalese sauce), jackfruit curry, Papad and Raya ko Saag (Nepalese leafy vegetable). Not to forget, momo, which is the traditional Nepalese dumplings is always a must try and this restaurant has come up with various options for momos too, where its vegan, porn, chicken and vegetarian and can be served steamed, soupy, with sauce and fried.

TAMA also serve various Newari dishes, which was quite new to me but was totally amazing. They also introduce special dishes on special occasions, like they introduced 'sel roti' (Nepalese bread) during Diwali which was so amazing.

If you're someone who has never tried Nepalese food, I highly recommend to drop by this place to try it.

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