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Where to Try the Best Coca-Cola Chicken

If you live for adventure and exploration, for discovering new cultures and broadening your horizons, then there is no doubt that treating your palate to new tastes should be one of the most important parts of your every trip. Wherever you go, there are different and exciting cuisines to try out, some because they truly sound appealing and others simply for the purpose of making a funny Instagram video.
You can save the latter for when you go to France, but as for the former, get your taste buds ready because you are about to be dazzled by a myriad of complementary tastes that will have you fall in love with this famous old/new dish.
Here are the best places in the world to try this speciality for the first time.

The Chairman, San Francisco

At the corner of Larkin Street and Ellis Street lies one of the most popular Asian restaurants in the city. With its retro vibe, unusual dishes, and pleasant service, the restaurant seems to have no trouble attracting hungry customers from miles away.
Packed with all kinds of colourful surprises to tingle your taste buds, the restaurant is sure to give you a memorable experience, particularly because of its delicious Coca-Cola chicken sandwiches and main dishes that customers from around the world have rated as their best meal on the menu!

The Waggon Inn, Manchester

The Brits have always been at the centre of attention when it comes to peculiar cuisine, and mind you, their national dish does not speak in their favour. Yet, the tides seem to be turning as upscale restaurants from around the country are experimenting with and adopting various culinary trends from around the world, spearheaded by one of the country’s best-known restaurants, The Waggon Inn.
The inn lies on the outskirts of Manchester, on the very edge of Peak District National Park. People from all over the kingdom and the world visit this restaurant to try its signature dishes and experience its rustic yet elegant interior. It is here where you will have the best Coca-Cola chicken wings this side of the Buckingham Palace.

Alley Restaurant, Hawaii

A wonderful summer vacation will be complete with a visit to the Alley Restaurant situated at the Aiea Heights Drive, a famous dining destination among tourists. A smiling waiting staff and a vivid environment will greet you there, perfect for a fun family night out as the kids will get the chance to enjoy their popular Coca-Cola marinated turkey sandwiches.

Alāan Artspace, Riyadh

If you head over to the Middle East, you should definitely visit one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. In this city, you can not only experience a rich culture, its history and by the looks of their architecture, its future, but also treat yourself to the finest cuisine in the world.
Alāan Artspace is by far the best restaurant in Riyadh when it comes to exquisite cuisine, but it is also a place where cultures and artistic minds meet to display their infinite creativity and inspire visitors to explore, taste and fall in love. And you will fall in love with their world-famous Coca-Cola chicken with ginger roots and lime zest.

Farmers Inn, Calangute

This restaurant, located on the west coast of India, in the A.B.C. Farms Beach Resort, is popular among tourists and locals alike for its homey ambiance and breathtaking views of the ocean that spans as far as the eye can see.
If you are visiting India, you should make a pit stop at the restaurant on your seaside adventure and relax by the ocean while enjoying its delicious specialities ‒ including their chicken fillets in Coca-Cola sauce.

There are plenty of new and exciting dishes to try out all over the world, and just as you thought you have seen it all, this creative culinary masterpiece will open up your taste buds and inspire you to never stop exploring new flavours and treating yourself to life’s sweet little wonders!

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