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19 Things Every Blogger is Tired of Hearing

I have been blogging since a while now and the journey of being a blogger has been amazing. It has always been a self taught skill which got enhanced day by day by a lot of reading, experimenting with ideas and posts and interaction amongst the blogging community.

    However, being a blogger, a lot of friends and readers ask questions and things that sometimes become a little annoying and tiresome, hearing the same thing again and again. Here are 19 things which bloggers are just tired of hearing.

So you not really a real 'writer', right?

I wanna make money online, can you tell me how?

Can you write a review about my stuff, I will post it on social media.

Can you give me a shoutout on Instagram?

Will you blog about this as well?

Can you please write an article about my product and link my website to it. I also do not have any budget but you can help me. and also I don't know you.

Why do you even blog? Like you have a job right?

Why don't you blog about _____. I think this will give you a lot of followers.

You are always going out to these fancy restaurants and places. How can you afford it?

How much money do you make?

Is that your website? I thought it was a blog.

Are you famous?

Why are you writing about that? You are not an expert.

You must be knowing my friend ______? He is a blogger too.

I wanna be a blogger too. Tell me how!

Since you are a blogger, you must be really into fashion right?

Is that your part time job or what?

How did you get so many social media following?

So till when is this 'hobby' of yours gonna work out?

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