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How to Experience Sydney's Nightlife like a Pro

The World Bar Sydney

Sydney is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, which is exactly why it attracts so many tourists each year. Apart from its natural wonders and significant sights, it’s also well known for fabulous night clubs. Stay with us and find out how to experience Sydney’s nightlife like a pro.

Do a little bit of research before your big night out

Doing a little bit of research is absolutely obligatory before heading straight to a club – you definitely want to know what’s on the menu for that night, right? So, use your smartphone and find out where the hottest parties in Sydney are taking place. This is important no matter what kind of music you prefer – rock’n’roll lovers surely don’t want to miss their favourite local band’s gig, whereas fans of techno or house music need to know where some of the best DJs perform. You can always take a look at a list of the best clubs in Sydney in order to get informed about the hottest venues and the most fabulous parties.

Drag show on point

Stonewall hotel

More and more people are into drag shows these days, and you know what? That’s not surprising at all! Places such as Stonewall Hotel are ideal if you’re into such kind of party, and the truth is that there’s no better venue than this – it spills across three levels, but most of the action actually takes place downstairs. Tuesday’s queer karaoke night will surely take your breath away, as well as Wednesday’s Malebox night (you’ll have to wear a number on your lapel and get picked by a complete stranger). Don’t worry - Friday and Saturday nights are equally intriguing, so you definitely won’t go home disappointed!

An unforgettable bachelor party

If you’re throwing a bachelor party for your best friend who’s to be married soon, there are so many unbelievable options you simply have to take into consideration. One of the latest hits are definitely Sydney Topless Waitresses, and you should definitely have them in mind when thinking about an upcoming bachelor party. You can always opt for these girls who will undoubtedly make your night out more provocative since such approach to waitressing is beyond groundbreaking. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay in and organise a poker tournament, guess what? You can also book a topless dealer, who’ll definitely make your party unforgettable!

Keep partying even after 3 am

ARQ Sydney

If you love to party hard, you won’t be happy to hear that most places close at 3 am. Yes, we agree that it’s a bit frustrating, but you really don’t need to worry – your night doesn’t have to end there. There are a lot of places where the music keeps going even after 3 am, so check them out and see what they have to offer. Some of them work until 7 am or even 10 am, which is more than awesome if you love to dance until you drop. Even though some of these places don’t serve alcohol between 3 am and 5 am, don’t worry – their mocktail and juice bars will keep you hydrated all night long!

As you can see, partying like a pro in Sydney doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought, even though there are hundreds of clubs that may make it a bit hard for you. We know that making a final decision may be difficult with so many options in mind, but don’t worry – just stick to our tips and you’re halfway there!

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff

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