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7 Tips to Look Out for When Buying Caravans

If you are planning on buying a caravan, it is vital to get a basic idea of their costs, functions, repairs and understanding their basic purpose. Basically, caravans are special and unique kind of vehicles that are widely used for touring and camping purposes. Each owner may have a special requirement.
As these vehicles are aimed at long tours, so here toughness, safety and comfort are the key features to look for.
Getting acquainted with a few functions of these vehicles can save hundreds of dollars (that one could be spending on modifications or up-gradations) and can keep the occupants safe as well.

Consider these points before concluding towards purchase of a caravan:

1.   Capability of the towing vehicle: Family cars are not meant to tow caravans. It is highly risky and illegal as well. Get full-length information about tow rating or towing capacity of your cars or trucks before you make a caravan purchase. When you know, the towing capacity avoid building a caravan that is too close to the maximum towing weight. Maintain a moderate distinguishing line.

2.   Understand your frequent travel sites: The caravan configurations will depend on what type of camping space you are going to. While few caravans have all the modern amenities like Internet and BBQ others are just with basic spaces. It depends if you are planning long trips at free camp sites you can spend money on the luxurious amenities but if you are visiting caravan parks that are charged and already have all the required facilities you may want to opt for a basic caravan.

3.   Decide your intended travel terrains: Different caravans come with different type of suspensions such as on roads and off roads suspensions. It completely depends on the area you are aiming to explore with your vehicle. Therefore, get to know what terrains are on your list and gather full knowledge about road conditions and geographical conditions of the related areas. Choose your vehicle suspension accordingly.

4.   Know the standing towing ball weight do you require: Understand the physical weight the caravan can exert on the tow ball once it is hooked up. Try to understand how much you require for your trips. Then go for the one which suits your requirements.

5.   Get reviews and do background search: User reviews can be helpful at buying anything and caravan is no exception. Search the net and do research and read first hand user reviews. This will give you some ideas about various caravan companies, the distinguishing needs, their pros and cons etc.

6.   Determine the size of your caravan: The size of your caravan is a determining factor for a new purchase or build and it depends on a variety of factors such as-
  • Number of occupants and storage necessities.
  • Your monetary budget.
  • Number of appliances to be fitted like T.V, microwave, mini refrigerator etc.
  • Capacity of the towing car.
  • Fuel economy.
  • Space provided for toilets, kitchen etc.
7.   Caravan built and ground materials: Always invest in good quality building materials for caravans especially materials like aluminium frames that provide strength and robustness to your vehicle. Do not compromise on the quality of caravan building materials. If you face a budget constrain instead compromise a few lifestyle appliances in the caravan. Cheaper building materials may put your safety under a threat. Invest in quality caravans that are made to last longer – so you can save more on repair costs.

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