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5 Things to Check While Choosing Airport Car Parking Options

When you leave for a destination, what do you do to your car? Leave it parked on the street in front of your empty house or park it in the airport car parking lots?
  • Unless you have someone, who would be able to keep an eye on the security of the car, you would definitely not want to leave the car like that. You are not the only one who feels this way. It certainly makes no sense to leave the car unattended for so many days.
  • It could get damaged by other cars, someone could break into the car and remove the engine parts and in worst cases, the car may get stolen as well.
  •  With so many airport car parking options coming up, it becomes a little difficult to choose which one should you park your car at?
  • Should it be the onsite indoor parking right within the airport premises, or should it be the offsite parking lots who offer a good number of benefits if you park your car at their spaces? So, you must decide about your priorities and the value of your vehicle, and choose a parking spot which is airy and which is easily accessible, with proper locking facilities for the car.

1. Check the Prices Before You Actually Go for Taking Your Car to The Parking Lot?

If you are going out for a short period, it may not be that important. However, if your away time is anything more than a week or two, you should definitely check out the charges that are asked by the different parking lots.

2. Check If You Can Book in Advance

Although not many airport car parking lots will you book in advance but if you can then that will be a real money saver for you. Drive-up rates for most airport car parking lots are usually way higher than the rates that are charged for advance booking.

3. Check the Levels of Security

Even though they will charge you atrociously high, most airport car-parking lots will not take enough responsibility for the security of the car parked with them. That is why you need to ensure that the parking lot is under around the clock CCTV surveillance and there are enough security guards at the exits and inside the parking lots so that no one could get away with your car easily.

4. Check the Type of Parking

It is not always that only airport authorities offer on airport parking. Many private car-parking companies offer onsite parking facilities as well. If the thought of the transfer time of 10-15 minutes from the offsite parking to the airport terminal turns you off, you can also check for onsite parking options. Usually, these are expensive though. Other types of premium parking services include valet parking or meet and greet parking wherein a professional valet driver who would meet you at the airport terminal will pick up your car.

5. Check for Discount Coupons

Many airport parking lots give out discount coupons to their frequent customers. If you are in need of parking spaces in and around the airport too often, you may want to check out with the different airport parking options to see if they are giving out such discount coupons to their regular customers. It is always a good idea to save some money, isn’t it?

If you compare the different airport parking options basis the above-mentioned points, you would understand which one that suits you needs the most. Accordingly, you can choose that airport car parking and park your car there while you are away on a business or leisure trip.

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