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Korean Traditional Grill at Faro in Auckland City

  As someone who loves eating and exploring places around for good food, Auckland has been a gem. Due to the cosmopolitan nature of Auckland, food has always been so varied yet so rich everywhere around here, from fancy restaurants to takeways to pub foods and cafes. Asian food is so popular in the city and particularly Korean food, being one of my favorite. Its great that Korean restaurants are in abundances in the city and there are so many choices you have in restaurants to choose from.

    A friend of mine recommended me to go check Faro restaurant in the heart of the city so made a booking a day earlier and visited this place at Lorne Street, which is just next to Queen street. Even though there are a lot of Korean restaurants, large and small in and around Auckland CBD, there is something different about Faro restaurant. We went in a group of 8 on a Friday night and as expected, the place seemed to be really busy. Thankfully as we had made a reservation earlier that day, we got a huge table, not the best one but can't complain. I would really recommend anyone visiting this restaurant to make prior booking and reserve a table on the inside end of the restaurant as that's where the best seats are, which has a traditional Korean seating arrangement. Unfortunately, we couldn't get those seats so were seated on the outer end of the restaurant.

     As we took our seats, the waiter quickly came up, gave us the menus and some hot tea. The menu itself was quite impressive. People say not to judge a book by its cover but I guess every single bit makes an impression and it certainly did to me, as the menu was clearly descriptive, with english explanation of traditional dishes and great photographs. None of us were Koreans there so we did give the wait staff quite a challenge asking for suggestion. There were literally like four waiters who had come up to our table to explain and then one gentleman came up and really did a good job with recommendations and suggestions.

Mouth watering Korean Food Faro Auckland

    As Faro in Auckland is better known for its traditional Korean grills, we made sure we ordered heaps of it. Instead of going for an entree, main course and dessert, we thought of trying something different. We noticed that they had table sets for sides, which though usually in Korean restaurants come free in small quantities, the table set of sides cost about $20 but by the description and photographs looked really interesting. Therefore, we ordered three of those, which seemed enough for the eight of us. The table set arrived and it wasn't just with sides but consisted about 8 side dishes, with Faro's special Korean salad, kimchi, jeon and doen-jang. I must say that ordering these is a must especially if you're ordering Korean grills as these go really well with it.

Korean restaurant Auckland Faro review   For grills, we ordered a variety of meats, which we could share amongst ourselves, which were Ggot Sal, which is boneless beef rib fillets, Mok Sam Gyeop, which is pork scotch and Dak Gui which is marinated boneless chicken. The marinated boneless chicken was something that everyone loved and we ordered more of them later, one was with the sweet soy sauce and the other with hot hot hot sauce. Well, the menu described with the triple hot and it surely was and must say, if you like spicy food, the hot chicken marinate is so worth it. 

    Faro restaurant does have quite a modern twist to a traditional Korean grill food culture and the wait staff, even though were so busy with packed customers, were really nice and friendly and gave quite a great service. The restaurant is expensive than other small Korean restaurants but with the food and experiences, not that bad either. We paid about $37 each per person and with all the food that we ate, it was quite worth it. As with all the grills that we ate, we did not order any drinks and dessert so the price is indicative for the sides and grills only. I will definitely be coming back to eat and experience more of traditional Korean grill at Faro so though.

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