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How to Dress for New Year’s Eve in New Zealand

Those lucky enough to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the beach will surely have a lot of fun. Partying next to the ocean in New Zealand is undoubtedly a dream come true for a lot of people and especially so when the said parties take place on New Year’s Eve. Tropical paradises such as New Zealand and Australia are known for their summery festive parties in December. It’s no wonder then that these countries are flooded with tourists every year. Basically, sandy beaches and sunny weather are a sure way to welcome the New Year the way it deserves.

Careful with makeup

Even though you’ll be spending some great time at the beach, basking in the sun and enjoying your summery cocktails, you shouldn’t forget how special this occasion is. Therefore, don’t forget to put some trendy makeup on. It might seem unusual to wear makeup when you’re in your swimsuit, but is there a better way to stay festive than by rocking some face glitter, sparkly eye shadow and stunning lip color? Of course, make sure to wear a sunscreen underneath your makeup and opt for some waterproof products. Only then, festive and summery can work together.

Let your hair down

Let your hair down both literally and figuratively. This is a time to enjoy yourself and relax. Apart from embracing your well-deserved time off at the tropical oasis, make sure that you don’t have to worry about your hair. Beach waves are perfect for spending New Year’s Eve at the beach! This effortless look has been a popular trend for years. Another advantage of loose curls is the fact that you can easily tie your hair up in a bun, thus creating that equally gorgeous effortless updo. If you’re not planning to swim, you can spice up your hairstyle with some hair glitter – it will look gorgeous under the sun.

Flattering swimwear

If you really want to go all out for the celebration of the New Year at the beach, you should get yourself a nice swimsuit that would look the most flattering on your body type. Of course, since you’ll be revealing a lot of skin, it would be wise to step up your skincare routine so that you can be proud of your plump and smooth skin. Working out should be something you regularly do throughout the year but if you always seem to neglect your exercises, this is definitely an occasion that should motivate you to engage in physical activity a bit more. Together with flowy beach scarves, your both festive and exotic look will be impeccable.

Fancy getup

Partying at the beach is definitely not the only option when it comes to summery festivities around New Year’s Eve in New Zealand. With numerous beach bars and fancy restaurants, one is bound to find some more elegant types of fun as well. Of course, you can’t really enjoy such glamour in a swimsuit even though being next to the ocean. In that respect, make sure to prepare your outfit that would match the mood, occasion and weather conditions! For example, floral dresses for summer season are perfectly acceptable for a tropically festive atmosphere. Depending on their cut and design, you can find some flowy casual dresses or elegant ones for both formal and semi-formal parties. It’s all up to your particular fashion taste.

If you’re used to spending New Year’s Eve parties in deep snow and cold, make sure to prep yourself for a true summer time in New Zealand. With such wonderful weather, amazing scenery, numerous sources of fun, beaches, ocean and cocktails, you’ll only need your jolly spirit to experience a truly remarkable celebration of the New Year.

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