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50 Shades of Bad Relationship Sex

Has he prematurely ejaculated yet again? Has she stopped the fellatio this time around, too? What was it this time that made him get up and leave the moment his phone rang or what was her excuse not to take her shirt off during sex? Oh, man, oh man… sorry to be the ones breaking it to you but – your sex life is a disaster! Hey, don’t despair, most of us have been there at one point or another and we’ve managed to solve it. Sure, sometimes it involved breaking up and finding a partner we were actually compatible with but for the most part – the relationships were fixable.
If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a sex rut, we’re giving you some super-hot advice on how to spark up your sex game again and enjoy every little second with your partner.
Here, a list:
Reconnect without sex
Ha-ha, very funny, let’s help our sex life without having sex, shall we? Yes, you should. One of the main reasons sex partners fall out is due to their false intimacy that gradually builds in a relationship, especially if you are long-term partners. For some reason, both sides start taking the other person for granted and don’t mind their needs at all. For this reason, you and your partner need to work on your relationship without having sex; it’s the little things – hugging, kissing, talking, sharing your thoughts, doing little things for one another like rubbing their feet after a long day at work, bringing coffee to bed, reading the paper in bed together on a Sunday morning, etc. actually acknowledging one another again. Try watching romantic movies (or even porn) without sexing up by default. Let the spark explode again by encouraging intimacy.

Talk about what feels good
Erotica? Sure. Dressing up? Even cooler. But hey, where’s the reality in that? While playing little sex games will definitely work well for one intercourse, it can’t repair fundamental problems in a relationship. The key to being comfortable with your partner again and desiring your partner just as you have on the day one calls for some serious mutual introspection.
Talk to your partner about what turns them on at this point; after all, time has passed and tastes may have changed. This may be the reason why your bedtime isn’t as exciting as it used to be. See what he wants, talk to her about what she would like… find a common language and work on implementing it on your sex game.

Try something new
Tired of the good old doggy? Yes, it does feel amazing but is that what you want to be doing forever? Of course not.
Once you’ve reconnected and “got to know one another” again, try to bring excitement back through a series of experiments and positions that will spark curiosity and mutual intrigue. Visit a sex toys store together and choose sex gadgets that will provide pleasure for the both of you. Stop thinking about your own orgasm for a change and start thinking about your partner’s.

Go oral
No, not as a form of foreplay before you penetrate but as the whole deal. Has your jaw dropped already? Good. Keep that mouth open and read on.
Oral sex is absolutely amazing for both men and women but the problem with it is that men have learned to be very forceful about it and think women have signed a sort of agreement they’ll go down on them every time. Dude, it’s not a porn. Your life isn’t porn, deal with it. Value the times she’s into it and be gentle about it.
What’s also been happening is that, for some reason, men have forgotten to learn the skill of properly going down on women. The alphabet doesn’t work – go punch the person who launched the lie.
Go down on her until she orgasms; follow her rhythm and feel what she feels is good. Be gentle and patient. The same goes for women – let him cum while your mouth is wrapped around “him”. Don’t have “actual” sex afterwards. Let the excitement dingle on its toes.

These little actions may seem like little sex actions but they’re actually huge tokens of desire. Don’t hold back.

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