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5 Ways How Not to Look Like an Idiot at the Gym

All you’ve been hearing about gym escapades so far is probably wrong – it is a commune, a well organized commune with a code of behavior and to fit in, you simply have to honor that code. No, any attempt to stand out won’t make you cool – you’ll just be THAT guy.
We understand the commitment and eagerness, but – to save yourself the embarrassment of looking like a total douche at the gym, you need to get things straight. Here’s how.

Stop with the charade

If you are fat, you are fat – you know it, and everyone else at the gym knows it.  And that’s okay. You’ve made an effort to join the gym and work yourself slender and muscular. Accept your body and weight, don’t pretend to be an athlete when you are not – pretence is crap, especially at the gym where everyone comes with the same goal – to improve their physical body and mental state.
Instead of squeezing yourself into the currently popular and very tight athleisurewear, opt for something looser and flattering. The right fitness clothing will make you feel comfortable and proportional – and that’s the style you should be after. Ok?

Ditch the lifting gloves

You are no Schwarzenegger and those gloves may go, immediately. No, despite what you may have heard – they won’t make you look sportier or more committed to the workouts. You’ll only look… weird, especially if you’re just starting out.
Aside from the looks of things, gloves virtually have no purpose. First, they ruin your feel for things like Olympic lifts, kettlebell exercises and powerlifts. Second, you can’t grip the barbell or dumbbell as well as you would with bare hands. Third, wearing them – your grip is compromised.
We’d always advise keeping your hands bare but if you’re really big on protecting them, wear boxing bandages. They’re perfect for both protection and a transition to your boxing session. 

Mind the grunting

Grunting like that, what are you trying to prove? That you are awesome and dedicated? Please. You sound like squirrels having sex and you are disrupting other gym members in the process.
While it’s absolutely true you have to learn to breathe well in order to achieve any result, you don’t need to be as loud or as distracting. Talk to your trainer about breathing techniques and ask him to train you into breathing properly and efficiently.

Stop the mirror-admiration

Once you’ve shed the pounds and started shaping up, you’ll probably want to spend every in-between-sessions moment in front of the mirror, admiring your muscles. Well, please don’t. You’ve got a mirror at home so take the mirror-admiration there; gym is not the place.
Sure, take a look from time to time (after all, we all love a little encouragement) but keep it to a minimum… that is, if you don’t want to be the laughingstock of the gym.

Keep your sh*t together

We’ve got three things to tackle here:

1.  Don’t get into fights
Even though every gym has a code of behavior and people training do try to stay respectful of one another (not cut in, steal machines, occupy too much space, etc) - mistakes happen and usually unintended. Obviously, there’ll always be THOSE GUYS who are getting in everyone’s way intentionally, trying to pick a fight or grab attention by being an idiot. Things like these may get very distracting, even mess your whole workout session up but you need to be a bigger man. Don’t let anyone provoke you into reacting to their stupidity and bad manners, especially not a with a punch.

2. Mind your hygiene
Shower before and after the workout and don’t use strong perfume (or any perfume at all) while working out. Nobody came to the gym for your odor.

3. Stay pleasant
Be polite to people you are working out next to; smile politely, say “hello”, agree on workout equipment exchange, etc. You never know – you may even meet some awesome people by being/behaving as an awesome guy.

Well, we hope we’ve been helpful. Scroll through our advice a few more times before your next workout session and you’ll see we’re actually being helpful (even though we may be sounding a bit harsh). Good luck, man!

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