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5 Best Swimwear Brands From Australia

To look good in the water you have to pick the right swimsuit. I own close to 500.

                                                                                                    - Amanda Beard

What woman doesn’t want to feel good and look fabulous in her swimsuit, really!? It’s a statement to loving your body, it’s a fashionable and stylish take on enjoying your holiday, and above everything else – it’s so immensely empowering. Just as you need the right shoes to conquer the world, you need the right piece of swimwear to become Queen of every beach you step on.
What’s making us super excited about this summer of 2017 is the fact that Australian designers and brands they stand behind have paid considerable attention to swimwear collections, turning them from little pieces of wear into these fantastic pieces of fashion that will let you stay true to your style and fashion sense even when you are vacationing -  thank you for that!

With all the startling collections on display, we’ve had our doubts about picking the favorites… but we had to, eventually! Oh, shush – you have no idea how difficult it’s been! We’re giving you our top five faves and we hope you’ll love them as much as we did.


Sure, you knew all about Nookie sexy evening and party dresses, but did you know designer Nikita Sernack recently decided to try her hand at swimwear? Well, now you do and let’s just say – we’re happy it has finally happened!
For all you beach babes who are into fun cuts, structural pieces and flattering (but not boring) silhouettes, Nookie is the brand to trust. In case you haven’t noticed (although, how could you have not?!), designers are massively trying out their luck and fashion vision going back to the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s (sometimes ‘90s, too) for inspiration, bringing them back to life by putting them in the modern context. Nookie did the same with their high-waisted pants which are perfect for all the girls who want to be a little pin-up and a bit '50s this summer.

Neontide Swimwear

So, first – there was a wet cover up; but then came Neontide and gave things a refreshing and fashionable take on that traditional model. The brand's array of bright designs and more classic styles showed absolutely perfect for the modest or extra sunsafe, giving power to the “something for everyone” vibe. And guess what? They ship Australia wide for free!

Baku Swimwear

Browsing through their collection, it quickly became evident to us that those guys over at Baku believe in women; their swimwear models exude confidence and effortless beauty, and it’s simply striking -  the whole thing.
With its innovative and attractive designs, universally flattering styles and sleek silhouettes that bring out the best in every shape and size, Baku Swimwear is killing it in the swimwear department. No wonder the label’s been at the forefront of the swimwear industry for over 10 years.

What we loved about this label is that their offer is so vast that, indeed, there’s something for everyone; from a sultry one piece, a chic swimsuit, a piece of stylish bathers to amorous swimwear, and so much more. And they not only look fab but they’re designed with comfort in mind, too. Namely, all swimwear incorporates the body-loving fabrics - fabrics designed to ensure an attractive fit and a comfortable feel for all women.

SUCH a jaw-dropper; with Baku, you obviously can’t go wrong.

Farron Swim

Born out of North Stradbroke island, this Queensland brand prides itself on not taking cues from fashion trends, but rather embracing turning to timeless for inspiration. In fact, Designer and Owner Ashton Smith is often quoted saying: "Classic, effortless bikinis that last seasons, not just summers - and in a day and age where more is more, we have gone back to basics without compromising luxury and quality," We love it! Not everyone needs to be a fashionista, right? But everyone does want to look spectacular in their swimwear piece.


This edgy swimwear line is ideal for the fashion-forward surfer chick you are or you secretly hope you’ll become. This brand is already huge in Australia, by the way. You have heard of the A.T.G., right? Celebs like Kim K are totally lovin’ this brand! Well, N.L.P is the new name for the old fabulousness. Made from neoprene, the brand favors tiny bottoms, neons and surprisingly supportive cups. It’s awesome in every sense of the word.

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