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Ordering Eggless Cakes Online

If No Money Still You Can Please Your Honey…

Please your honey with no money! Believe me those are the moments of your life that you will cherish everlastingly, because you won't be thinking much about what is spent over what.
I am just unwrapping my ways which made him smile till now.

Baking and Making…
My beloved is vegan and has very sweet tooth, I prefer baking an eggless sponge cake or sometimes eggless cupcake for him. With nuts, homemade cream, crushed oreo and ofcourse using basic ingredients! And occasionally I order mouth watering eggless cakes online.
And If not dessert then a special dinner does wonders. I cook dinner for my husband every day. And without any special occasion, I put a romantic note on his plate that said: ‘You bring color into my life’.

Pamper him
  I always try to make him feel special by sending small gifts to his office, spending quality time with him, taking care of likes and dislikes, by leaving love message note on his side table, cuddle with him in night and not the least always try to spoil him with my love and affection.

Celebrate Every Moment of Your Life
Just because I love him more than my life, I keep doing crazy things to make our love life fresh and alive.
Once, I left an air balloon with a love chit in our bedroom.
On Valentine’s Day, I kept a single red rose on his pillow. The time he opened his eyes he saw my love lying with him.
On weekends I enjoy shaving him. Trust me girls, it’s a real fun for both of us playing dirty with shaving cream. And sometimes he likes a close shave, which is even better! So try it on coming Sunday...

On our 3rd Love Anniversary, I planned three interesting surprises for him.
*   Have made scrapbook, showing our journey of togetherness.
*   Celebrated our special day by cutting photo cake.
*   Organized candle light dinner at his favorite roof top restaurant

Just sit for a while and think what makes your partner smile and simply do that. No gift can make your LOVE strong than spending wonderful time all together!! 

GUEST POST by Trishana Kashyap

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