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Top 10 advice for families moving to Australia

The one and only Great Barrier Reef, 4th largest exporter of wine in the world, Gold Coast, 4 out of top 10 liveable cities in the world with growing population since the World War II – these are perhaps the things that first come to mind when you hear Australia. A popular country with easy going culture, warm climate and astonishing nature offers really a lot to individuals and families searching for a new place to settle and start a new life. Whether you’re thinking of moving to Australia or you’ve already set foot in your new family place, here’s a list of tips you might find useful.

Most popular jobs
Prior to making a big decision, check the skills that are in high demand in Austrian cities. Mining industry is one of the biggest in the country, set mainly in the Western part of the country and in Queensland. Perth and Melbourne are at the moment the main centres of mining industry, while Sydney deals more with financial sector. Civil and mechanical engineers, nurses, chemists, accountants are among the most popular professions always in demand. However, if your English is not yet on such a high level, you can apply for some remote or seasonal work, but then be ready to learn a lot of Aussie slang. It might be good fun and an extra experience, not to mention a good opportunity for practising your English.

Living costs – how much do we need?
This is quite a difficult question that asks for a lot more inside information and details. Things you should take into account while making calculations are the general costs of living in Australia, which you can then compare with the costs you and your family have. Depending on your country of origin and the currency you’ve been using so far, Australia may appear really expensive or really cheap to you. This also depends on your expectations, ambitions, skills you already possess and those you are ready to develop further. When paying rent is concerned, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane are a way cheaper than Sydney, for instance.

Education – how to approach that matter?
This is definitely one of the most important questions many parents have in mind while choosing new place of living. Having a proper, safe and a good quality kindergarten and school near at hand is not so easy to find in a foreign country when you still don’t know who you can trust. However, the resources are available and you can find all the necessary information concerning the locations, curriculum and the differences between private and state schools. You as a parent will certainly want to provide your child or children with the best possible education and care. There are child care centres that are not just well-equipped, but also offer highly professional service including constant communication with the parents, organizing various events and taking care that the children and their parents are part of the local community. 

A few cultural tips
Many expats described their experience of moving to Australia as the best thing that has ever happened to them. The Aussies are friendly, easy-going and you can chat to them about anything really. They love sport and they are regular at showing up at various games in crowds up to 40,000 people or even more if the game in question is more important. What else? Worker’s rights are something they are really proud of, as this country actually has excellent working conditions. Being a hard worker is something you should be proud of, so be aware of that because they will perhaps tell somebody off if they see that the person is a bludger (Aussie slang for somebody who lives off or profits by the work of others). On the other hand, equality is rather valued once personal budgets are in question – they split bills in a restaurant and take presents when visiting their mates.

Settling in Australia is a definitely much more than just bearing in mind a few tips. The best option for you would be to try and make friends once you get there. Although your old friends will surely be with you over skype-viber-fb, you’ll need someone near at hand to tap you on the shoulder, invite you for a coffee or a beer, and that someone is quite important too. So, learn how to cope with that Aussie heat and make yourself at home!

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