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No Diversity in Buzzfeed India Videos: That's What Exactly Wrong With It

As an internet savy, I spend a lot of time surfing the Buzzfeed website and watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube. What do I think about Buzzfeed? What they have been doing is absolutely commendable and so much appreciated by tons of users like me. As a user who was born and brought up in India, it is quite good to see relatable videos by the Buzzfeed community in India but do they exactly represent exactly what India is about? NO.
Buzzfeed India Videos no diversity

      Let's take a look at the cast of Buzzfeed Videos in America or Australia. They have diverse staff for Buzzfeed, from Asian, white, black, latino to people from various age groups, religions, sexual orientation, language background and so on. India, a country that takes so much pride for its diversity in religion, race, ethnicity and culture, has no representation in the staff of Buzzfeed India. 

      For instance, there are millions of people living in North East India but there isn't a single person representing them for Buzzfeed India videos. It would be so nice to see representation of people from various groups in India in those videos as well. Buzzfeed India coming up with videos with a Tamilian, Punjabi, Manipuri, Gujarati, Bihari, Kashmiri, etc would be so great to see the rich diversity.

     India, a country where so many languages are spoken, such rich cultures, food, music and the diverse groups of people, if represented properly in Buzzfeed India, like their partners in other nations like Australia, Canada, UK and America are doing, it would be a great progression.

      As Buzzfeed has been known to deliver great social messages as they are doing around the world, it would be great to see Buzzfeed India, creating short videos on rape, crimes, politics, gender equality, diversity in culture, marriage equality, social issues and also enjoy the richness of India's music, Bollywood, traditions, dances and so on. India has so much to offer and it should be represented as how it is, and let the world see how beautiful and rich it is as well as the local viewers of India relate to them. It shouldn't just be for few Indians who represent the stereotype of what an Indian should be like.

       By far, Buzzfeed India is doing a great job and it is quite appreciated. But where does Buzzfeed India stand when compared to their other partners in other nations? That's where we have gone wrong. Let's throw some culture, diversity and contrasting people in the Buzzfeed team is create videos and articles that represent the true India and I am sure it will be an awesome experience.

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