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5 reasons why to buy a Bering Watch today at MyLoveStone.com

Wow!  I just discovered Bering watches at MyLoveStone.com.  I wanted to take the time and introduce you to the Bering and also MyLoveStone.com.  Before I get started on my 2 new guilty pleasures, looking for the next watch I’m going to pin on my Pinterst board and share dream about purchasing I wanted to give you 5 reasons why you should purchase your next watch at MyLoveStone.com

#1 Largest authorized dealer with 1000’s of watches and jewelry items to select from

The #1 thing I love about shopping online is the sense of discovery.  You never know what you will come across or find as you search the web.   Recently, I’ve fallen in love with modern watches.  Yes, I can keep my time by using my smart phone, but what is the fun in that.  I have to pull it out, look at the time and put it away.  With a great watch, I not know the time but I have a great accessory that provides a statement to my outfits. On top of that, it is an incredible machine that can keep accurate time for decades and won’t break if it drops it!

#2 Bering Watches are modern
Bering Time is definitely not your moms or dads watch.  Bering watches are designed with a very modern look and clean aesthetic.   Bering launched in 2010 by 3 Danish businessmen.  They take most of their inspiration from the Artic and wanted to create a minimalistic design.  They also donate to the “Polar Bears International” campaign, so with every purchase you are also giving back to foundation.

#3 Bering Watches are made with high-quality surgical stainless steel.
This is the one of the highest quality of stainless steel available.  Awesome! This stainless steel protects your Bering watch and makes it resistant to corrosion.  It also makes it stick and heat proof, it’s touch yet flexible, classic and it continues to keep its look.  If you want to learn more about this metal, you can at MyLoveStone.com

#4 Sapphire Glass Crystal makes your Bering Watch scratch resistant.
Whenever I wear Skagen or another watch, I’ve noticed that they easily scratched.  Sometimes I don’t realize it, but my hand might hit my desk or the counter and then a small scratch starts appearing on the crystal.   Bering watches use sapphire glass crystals, which are scratch resistant.  So no need to worry about your watch scratching by an accidently dink.

#5 Save 20% right now for new members at MyLoveSStone.com
I love saving money, right now MyLoveStone.com is offering 20% on purchases of Bering watches.  Simply register a free account and use the following coupon code: SAVE20 during checkout.   MyLoveStone.com is the #1 source of factory direct watches and jewelry.  All of their watches, come with manufacturer warranty are brand new. 

If you shop at Ebay or Amazon, you know that you might be buying either a used watch or a grey market watch.  Amazon grey market watches don’t come with a warranty that is why Amazon provides their own warranty program. 
What are some of the reasons you like shopping online, please feel free to comment below?

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