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15 Sexually Awkward Places Where You Should Think Before Moving To

Once you move in to a new place, it becomes a part of your life. Your mails, bills, identity cards and many other following things come up with your home address, and if your home address looks really messed up, then it is surely going to be really awkward.
    Check out these places from across the world, with their names so uniquely sexual, where one should think twice before moving here:

1. Hoe Street
    Where a lot of people may truly belong

2. Weiner Cuttoff Road
     I suppose this street is where Theon from Game of Thrones lived

3. Church and Gay Street
       Church and Gay street together? Co-incidence?

4. Virgin Street
    And quite a task to find someone who truly belongs here

5. Cumming Street
Nope, not on the street

6. Wan King Path
Nope, not even here

7.  Fanny Hand Lane

8. Intercourse Lancaster County
   Well, everyone's welcome here

9. Dildo Island
    Where the adventure never ends

10. Scratchy Bottom

11. Hooker
Welcomed here as well

12. Horney Town
   where everyone is always horny

13. Penisstone

14. Shag Point

15. Bitchfield

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