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Tips To Remember While Booking Tickets for Palace on Wheels Train

Palace on Wheels is a luxury train in India. It is the most opted luxury train that takes you to important tourist destinations in North India.

This train gets its name from the way each cabin is decorated. Each cabin is decorated like a palace that you can find in India. The decor is lavishing with antique styled upholstery and five star level services. The train has bar, restaurant, spa, souvenir shop, internet, satellite TV, safe and many others.
This article is a must-read before you start booking your tickets. This article points down the tips that you need to remember before booking your tickets.
  • The train does not run throughout the year. There are a few months when the train does not function (May to July). Read the train schedule properly.
  • While booking, if possible, try to book three tickets at a time. The discount is maximum when you book three tickets at once.
  • The rate and tariff changes from time to time. Get the right amount from the official site of Palace on Wheels.
  • The cost will be very high between October and March and between September and April. If you want to buy cheap tickets, choose April or August.
  • You can book your tickets online through many payment options.
  • Additional charges are levied for those who book tickets between Christmas and New Year.
  • If your child is less than 5 years, he/she will be charged 10% of the cost
  • If your child is between 5-12 years, he/she will be charged 50% of the cost.
  • You need to pay 20% of the cost while booking the ticket and 80% should be paid 60 days before the departure day.
  • The cost you pay includes cost of travel, food, sightseeing and cultural programs. You need to pay for liquor, laundry, camera tickets, spa and other elements in the trains.
  • If you are planning to cancel your tickets, you would be charged 5% of the cost if you cancel it 60 days before the departure day. 20% of the ticket cost will be deducted if you cancel your ticket within 30 to 59 days from the departure day. You would not be refunded if you cancel the ticket 30 days or less before the departure day.
  • The ticket is not interchangeable.

In addition to above all tips, learn the terms and conditions in the site before paying the ticket. Learn your rights and responsibilities inside the train and in regards to the ticket. It is always better to prebook the ticket at least three months before the travel. This will give you a certain window to alter your program, if needed.

Do not fall for bogus sites or fraudulent agents. You can easily book your tickets through online sites. Use the official site of Palace on Wheels for buying tickets. If you are planning to choose a travel agent, choose a reputed person. Get your receipt or ticket in a physical form and also have additional proof documents like your passport and other government papers along with your ticket for emergencies.
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