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Sam Tsui Comes Out as Gay and Reveal That He is Marrying Another YouTube Star Casey Breves

Well, Sam Tsui comes out as gay and also reveals that he is getting married.

  YouTube Star Sam Tsui comes out as a gay man in his recent YouTube video blog and also reveals that he has been dating fellow YouTube star Casey Breves since a while and is getting married to him soon.

        This may not be a big surprise for some while it could be a big one for others but the 2.4 million subscribers in his channel did get an impactful news.

      People have speculated a lot about his sexuality ever since he first started producing YouTube videos and covers online, with his first popular music videos like covers of  Love the way you lie and Can I have this dance, since 2011-12. Apparently, Sam had never talked about his personal life or his sexuality anywhere until his last video, sharing the big news of his marriage. 

    Some may actually have expected him to announce him dating his friend Kurt Hugo Schneider but well it is Casey Breves. Yes, Casey Breves is the guy with whom he had done few music collaborations like the mash up of One Last Time by Ariana Grande and What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber and the cover mashup of I am not the only one by Sam Smith and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

     He did make a statement that he has never ashamed of being gay and finally he did make an announcement saying yes he is gay. He also refers to Casey Breves as an amazing person whom he is getting married to. Sam Tsui did say that he would possibly also have a video of him and Casey talk about it more in the future. 

     Well, good on you guys. Sam Tsui is an incredible singer and I guess millions of his fans around the world is proud of him.

    So, check out some great Sam Tsui and Casey Breves collaboration cover videos below:

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