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Renting a House in New Plymouth: An Ultimate Guide

If you're moving to New Plymouth, for work or study, renting a house or an apartment can be a good and affordable means for accommodation on a long run. One can find a good place to live in, in the city or the surrounding suburbs and can be really cheap if you have housemates or family members to share with.

Why to live in a house or an apartment?

    If you're a student studying in PIHMS or WITT in New Plymouth, living on campus can be really expensive and limiting to rules and regulations. A comfortable and affordable means of living in this city in Taranaki is to rent a house with some housemates. If you're working or are with family, renting a house is the most easiest means of having a good quality life at a home.

Where to Look for a House?

     The first suggestion for where you can look for a house would be online. TradeMe is the best website online where you can get the listings of houses for rent and you can find plenty of them on the desired suburbs you're looking for. The rents of houses can be from $200 per week to $500, which could be a 2 bedroom house to 4 bedroom house. Most houses are fully furnished or semi-furnished but if your house isn't furnished at all but available for a relatively cheaper price, you can buy furniture for very cheap prices at second hand shops in the city which can make it even more cheaper.
    Other than TradeMe, you can also find the listings of houses and apartment for rent on social networking sites like Facebook. There are lots of Facebook groups that advertises houses for rent and you can get the details of the required and contact the person on the same. A very popular group on Facebook is 'Buy and Sell in New Plymouth' where you can find a lot of listings for houses to rent.
     You can also contact a realtor agent to look for houses for you as well. Hanscourt for instance is a popular realtor that would help you look for a house here in New Plymouth.

How are the Payments? The Bond?

     Payments basically are made on a weekly basis. Some houses include bills for electricity, gas and internet while some don't so make sure you discuss this with your landlord and how the bills are going to be paid. Mostly houses here need you to deposit a bond deposit of 2-3 weeks rent amount, which will be refunded to you back when you leave the house, provided no damages have been made to the property else the bond deposit maybe used for repairing purposes. Sometimes a letting fee of a week's rent maybe required to be paid to the realtor when moving in.  You may also have to pay a little amount for gardening and maintenance of the exterior in houses, if there is a garden to maintain or you could mow the lawn yourself and save the cost. 

When do I buy furniture? Where do I get a good deal for other things to shop prior moving in?

    Moving to a new house can be really expensive when you calculate the amount you spend on buying new stuffs which you require prior to moving in. Well, in New Plymouth you can save a lot of money when moving to a new house using various ways. There are a lot of second hand shops in New Plymouth where you can shop for essentials like furniture, linens, pots and pans, cutleries, kitchen appliances, etc. For instance, you could check Hospice which has two of its stores located in New Plymouth, one in Palmers Garden in the valley and the other near the hospital in Weston. These places you can buy furniture from your beds, sofas, tables, chairs, refrigerator, kitchen appliances, linens, etc at a very very cheap price and can be really convenient for one who wants to cut cost while moving in. You can also check the Warehouse and New World for stuffs that could be available to buy at good deals.

How Do I Find Housemates or Flatmates to live with?

     The primary suggestion to find someone to live with would be someone you know from school or work as this makes it pretty comfortable and convenient living. Contact the concerned authority and find out in your school or work for anyone who is looking for a mate to live with. Float emails at school or work which could help as well. Schools and workplaces also have notice boards for advertising information relating the same. 
   Else you could also look for roommates or flatmates online in New Plymouth. TradeMe has lisitings for flatmates. You can also check or as well.

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