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Hiking and Climbing the Taranaki Summit: The Outdoor Adventure Experience

   Living in New Plymouth since several months, getting a fine view of the Taranaki peak is an everyday thing and you always see this gigantic mountain glittering in the sunlight and exclaim, 'Wow what a beautiful view!'. Well, it has been several months since I had been seeing this view everyday and one day just came up with the idea, why not go for a hike in the mountains.
hiking and climbing the Taranaki mountain

the walk path in the Taranaki mountain
The hike trail
     Well, it is always a good idea to go hiking in the Taranaki mountain during the summers as its snow clad during the winters making it harder and dangerous. As summer was about to be over, me and two of my friends planned this hiking trip, with no idea how and where to start. So, one early morning we just drove to the i-site centre, via Iglewood and rode the way uphill. It was about 8am in the morning and the i-site centre was the last place till where you could actually drive. The parking lot was really packed and there was barely any place to park, until we found a tiny spot to park. A lot of hikers did seem to go hiking in the Taranaki as summers were getting over soon. Though it was really sunny and nice in New Plymouth, it was quite cold out there. We went to the i-site centre and asked for suggestions where we could go hike and got assistance on trail directions and maps. We weren't physically and timely ready to climb till the top of the Taranaki peak nor were we accompanied by an experienced climber, so they suggested us to go till the Taurangi Lodge, which would take about 4 hours to and fro so we headed for it.

Taranaki isite centre bench beautiful
Stop and Stare!
      We quickly grabbed some bottles of water and drinks and headed for our hiking experience. The walking trials were really beautiful and a lot of hikers were using the trial so it wasn't quite a lonely hiking trip. The trees, flowers, bushes and rocks, everything was a little unusual for me but fascinating, probably because I grew up in another part of the world. As a guy, who grew up in the Himalayas, climbing hills and hiking in the mountains was something I always loved and did but it was quite different about this hike. The kind of hiking trials, the rock types in the way and even small insects you saw, were really different, which was quite fascinating for me. As a foreigner living in New Zealand, I have always loved taking hiking trips to discover the local flora and fauna which is so different than what we see in the rest of the world and that's the best part about it. The hiking trails were really clean, with literally zero liter and properly made, 'easy to hike' trails. As we started walking, the trails got steeper and after every now and then, we found a rest chair in every corner and turns to just sit for a moment and breathe and enjoy the view.

Hiking could be sometimes dangerous in Taranaki so be safe
Beginning of the Summit climb
       After you hike for a little more than an hour, you come across this turn, with such a beautiful view of New Plymouth city and the coast. As we reached that place, the sun began to glitter in the ocean and it was quite bright and sunny which was actually quite good for a change after a cold wintery start. Then we began with the summit climb. So there is this trail while climbing the Taranaki peak, which is known as the summit climb, which is actually a very steep uphill hiking trail. Before we climbed, we were quite amazed how steep and dangerous it looked but were still really excited to do it. So we started the summit climb and as dangerous and scary it looked, it was quite a struggle to hike along the summit climb but really fun as well. After the long tiring summit climb, we could see the Taurangi tower, rising high amidst the dense fog. This was the point where I was really hungry and starving. As excited as I was at the beginning of the hike, I absolutely forgot to carry any snacks or food with me which was a shame and I just couldn't wait to reach the Taurangi hut and grab something to eat. 

The tower in the Taranaki mountain near Taurangi lodge
The Taurangi Tower

     After we reached the Taurangi hut, we quickly hiked uphill towards the Taurangi hut, hungry and starving. Well, the sad part was, the Taurangi hut was open for only private members so there weren't any food for us. At this point, we were hungry and tired so we just sat at the bench outside the Taurangi tower and 'hoped' to enjoy the view. Yes, 'hoped' as all we could see was dense fog and no view. As high as we were at the Taranaki mountain peak, the view should have been breath taking but unfortunately nature didn't agree with us hence the dense fog came in between us and the great view.

take a resy while climbing the mountain
Our rest spot
    After spending a moment there, we quickly decided to head our way back. It is advisable for hikers that they carry enough water and fluids to help avoid dehydration. Sometimes it is sunny there especially during summers so you can comfortably hike wearing shorts but do carry warm clothes as well as temperature can suddenly drop anytime. Also do carry some food and snacks with you which we didn't and absolutely regretted. The way down hill was really exciting. As now we were already accustomed to the way back, we tried to make our way as quick as possible. But as tired as we were, we did take frequent breaks to sit in places and just enjoy the view. After about four hours of hiking in the Taranaki peak, we were finally at the i-site centre, hungry and starving. So we quickly headed to the cafe at the i-site centre and sadly, the lunch menu wasn't available and all we could get was a sandwich. Well, not bad if you're really hungry so just took it.

Nischal Gurung and Chris down the hike in Taranaki
Down the summit climb

     As an experience, hiking in the Taranaki summit was totally worth all the pain and struggles. For someone who likes the outdoors and exploring nature, hiking the Taranaki mountain is a must if you live close by. If you're hiking during the summers, it is not much of an expert hike so one can give it a try. Plus there are various easier trails as well in various other parts of Taranaki and similarly advanced and expert trails as well, so you choose what is best suited for you.
   Do check this little amateur vlog about our experience climbing the Taranaki summit as well:

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