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Growing Up as a Premature Born Adult: You Can Be Who You Are

Growing up as a premature born baby, I often heard stories from my mother and all near and far relatives about how my birth was one hell of an adventurous story. I was born almost 3 months premature, born as a tiny fragile baby who could fit in the palm of one's hand. When I cried, one couldn't hear the sound of the cry with just the movement of the lips and wasn't even strong enough to drink milk. It is true that a lot of premature baby don't make it and I was a lucky baby that I made it to grow up as a healthy child.

      As a child, I used to be a very curious child, asking a lot of questions and a really talkative one. As one would imagine, I was quite thin and skinny as a child till I was 10 years old and ever since I was 5 years old till I reached 18, I was strictly vegetarian, by my personal choice even though I belonged to one big meat loving family. As a child who was born premature, I was very well cared and protected and told what to do and what not to do. As a vegetarian as well, my dietary habits was always questioned and told how I would grow up to be a weak and fragile adult. But my parents raised me quite like how a normal child would be raised, told me to do things I love, encourage me with high standards on my education and well being and I grew up just fine. Actually, me being a premature born baby never quite pop up in my head and that didn't stop me from being who I am. Unfortunately, using the huge network of the internet, I came across stories from other premature born adults for how they were severely protected and left with the notion that they are weak, fragile and challenged in various ways that they can't do what a normal person would be able to do.

        I came across various health journals, magazine articles and features describing signs of premature born adults and long term health effects that one would have. It clearly stated that a premature born adult would be an introvert, with low IQ, improper physical development, problems in communicating with others, getting along socially,  anxiety, impaired learning and would grow up into introverted and neurotic adults, struggling with their careers and relationships and not able to live the way a normal person would be. Well, here's the thing, maybe a child who was born premature may physically not be able to be healthy and active like a normal child, but with proper care and guidance, the child can grow up to be whoever he wants to and do whatever he wants. But the very notion that a child is exposed growing up where everyone instructs him to be careful and reminds him every now and then that he is weak, fragile and different, emotionally makes the child believe he isn't able like others and can't do things he want to. 

      The world is full of amazing people, who were born with so many physical and mental challenges and yet the choose to be who they are and do amazing things in life inspite of the disabilities they have so being premature born shouldn't be one as well. It is understood that parents are concerned about their child's well being and ofcourse all parents are but I believe they shouldn't make the child to believe that he is weaker and less able than anyone else.

      As a child, I still remember my relatives giving me health drinks instead of soft drinks whenever we visited them because I was a premature born and I needed nutrients. I was actually told that I shouldn't be involved in harsh physical activities and I would fall sick soon and faint and so on. Well, guess what, I am almost 25 now and I have never fainted in my life neither have I ever been admitted to a hospital, other than maybe when I was a baby. I am a premature born and I never believed I could learn less or communicate improperly, and with the same positivity I grew up, went to college, graduated, learnt to speak 5 languages fluently and now traveled 12000 kilometers away from home to get a masters degree and doing good. I recently met a girl who was born premature, who loved outdoors, playing basketball and hiking and she was a healthy girl but didn't do it because she grew up with everyone telling her she can't and she shouldn't even though she grew up fine. 

     As a premature born adult, I love outdoors. I've always indulge myself in trekking, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, river rafting, skating and everything I love, even if I can't, I do, I learn. I just can't believe how there are so many kids out there who are so pressured to believe that they will grow up to be introverted adults, not capable of socializing and hence, they grow up as a lonely child and remain lonely and reserved as an adult. I was a social kid and still am, I love to make friends, talk, party, dance, sing and do whatever I want to and not what people expect me to do because someone thinks I am different than others. 
      I was just watching Ellen Degeneres show on YouTube which I believe is a super amazing show  and there was an episode featuring a boy, who loved to dance and he does amazingly, now gaining fame and dancing with pop stars like Ariana Grande. He was born premature and was the lucky one who made it even though thought couldn't make it alive as a baby and now he being prematurely born isn't stopping him from being who he is. 
     So this is to all premature born adults and children who have dreams, wishes and plans in life. Be who you want to be because the world is a big place and there are so many amazing things to do and experience and to discover yourself. The world will tell you that you're different and well, yes you are and you need to take care of yourself, be healthy, be good but that shouldn't be a barrier in being yourself. Medicine and health science have developed a lot and premature babies are born now as well, and I am not saying that parents shouldn't take care of their child or have strict health issues and habits but let that not be a wall for the kid growing up to be who they are. Set standards and slowly let go and let the kid, the child or even the adult to see the world as any normal kid would see and be who they want to be. 

Nischal gurung - Be Who You Are

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