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7 Facts About The Korean Drama Descendants of The Sun You May Not Know

The hype about the Korean drama by KBS2 Descendants of the sun featuring Song Joong-Ki, Jin Goo, Song Hye-Kyo and Kim Ji-Won  has been all over the world since its premiere and after every week, the drama has been becoming more interesting. If you're following this Korean drama Descendants of the sun since a while, you must have discovered may things about it and many which you don't even know. Well, surprise, this post would share with you some facts about the Korean television drama Descendants of the Sun which you may not know so here we go:

1. This drama, Descendants of the Sun is actor Song Joon-Ki's first acting debut role since her was discharged from the South Korean military last year in May 26, 2015.

2. The country of Uruk as portrayed in the Koream drama is actually a fictional country and is a coal mine near the city of Taebaek in Gangwon Province. Moreover, the city of Taebaek is rebuilding the sets of Descendants of the Sun as a tourist attraction due to a lot of attention by the viewers.

3. The script writer  Kim Eun Sook has been really popular for her works writing hit dramas like Descendants of the Sun, Secret Garden and many more. She is charging 30 million won which is approximately $26,000 per episode for her work in Descendants of the Sun. But other reporters report that it may be far better off high as 70 million won to 80 million won (approximately $60,000 to $69,000) per episode.

4. The drama was filmed at various locations in Greece. Due to the popularity of this hit Koream drama Descendants of the Sun, fans are making enquiries heavily to visit Zakynthos, one of the Ionian Islands in Greece.
5. The actor who plays Daniel Spencer is Cho Tae Kwan, who is also known Jasper Cho. He is from South Korea and studied in Canada. But however, he is heavily confused with  Jasper Ho who was the X Factor contestant and with the Korean name Cho Hae Song.
6. Descendants of the Sun also became the first KBS drama series to have completed filming the drama before airing in television.
7. The girls from TWICE made a hilarious parody of the hit Korean drama series Descendants of the Sun and become really popular. Check it out guys

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