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Dinner at Yat Nal Bab Sang (Bamboo House) 옛날밥상: Restaurant Review

   Chanced to visit Bamboo House for a quick dinner and ended up having a good time. We were walking around Queen Street looking for a place for a quick meal and then we came across this little Korean restaurant Yat Nal Bab Sang (Bamboo House) and thought of trying it out. As an individual, I knew very little about Korean food but my friend with me, had lived in Korea for a while and insisted me to try it out so we made our way inside.

       The Bamboo House restaurant (Yat Nal Bab Sang:옛날밥상) is located in downtown Auckland, near Queen Street at Commerce Street in the CBD area. It is a small restaurant with few seats and as we visited there on a weekday around 8pm, it was really quiet. They had varieties of Korean food from appetizers, soups, dumplings, rice meals to Korean beers and wines. We ordered some Korean dumplings for the starter and a meal of spicy chicken on rice and Bibimbap on hot stone. The price of the food was reasonable with all meals being in between 13 to 17 dollars per dish. I had had soju numerous times but had never tasted Korean beers so I did take this chance for trying that as well.

Korean beer at Auckland restaurant
The Hike Beer at Bamboo House, Auckland
      The staff in the Bamboo house restaurant (Yat Nal Bab Sang:옛날밥상)  were Koreans, really friendly and we got our meals quickly as we ordered. I ordered for the Hite beer. The Korean beer Hite actually wasn’t so different than a regular lager so it wasn’t such a different experience like when you drink Soju, which is different than any white or red wine you drink. Our starters were soon on the table. The dumplings filled with chicken was delicious but the dumplings was not so different than most Asian dumplings and the only difference I found was the texture of the fillings inside. Also the dumplings came with a dip with sesame seeds which was something I had never tasted and worked quite well with the dumplings. The spicy chicken on rice, came with a platter of sticky rice with chicken on the side mixed with veggies which was more like a salad. It also came with various Korean condiments like Kimchi and onion and ginger salad. The spicy chicken wasn’t so spicy for my taste and I could totally get that as a culture here in New Zealand, a lot of food even if it says spicy isn’t that spicy unless you tell them to make it really spicy. But overall combining the chicken with rice and some spicy kimchi was really good. The Bibimbap on hot stone, quite resembled a kebab sizzler or a Sisig platter in the Philippines, with meat pieces in a hot stone, with sizzling steam while served. It looked amazing and was really great to taste as well.

옛날밥상 restaurant food review auckland
The dumplings for starters at 옛날밥상

Dinner at Bamboo House, Auckland
Dinner at Bamboo House, Auckland

      The overall review of the food at Bamboo House (Yat Nal Bab Sang: 옛날밥상) was really good. I guess locals should try out this little restaurant for takeaways or quick bites as it proves to be really good. Would I go back again? Oh yes, the people were friendly, and even if the food weren’t that amazing, it was good and I guess most people do love their food anyways. Had a good time and cheers to the restaurant staff.

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