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10 Most Beautiful Volcanoes in New Zealand

   The word 'volcano' directly triggers the feeling of fear in one's mind. All one can imagine after hearing the word 'volcano' is disastrous lava eruptions causing massive natural disaster. Well, that's correct, volcanic eruptions can be scary and cause a lot of trouble but let's talk about volcanoes in New Zealand.

     New Zealand, the land of beautiful mountains, coasts, islands, beaches, streets, houses, people and everything beautiful. Yes, you heard it right, it is truly said everywhere you look around in New Zealand, you just come across something or the other massively beautiful. Well, the volcanoes in New Zealand is no exception either. Check the list and pictures of these volcanic mountains in New Zealand and how beautiful they are:

1. Mount Ruapehu
Source: NewZealandPhoto.info

2. Mount Taranaki

mount taranaki beautiful new zealand volcano
Source: MtTaranakiGuidedTour

3. Mount Tongariro

Mount Tongariro is a beautiful volcanic mountain
Source: Flickr

4. Mount Ngauruhoe

Source: PeakWare by Kevin Mcgaughran

5. Mount Tarawera

 6. Mount Maunganui
Source: MaunganuiBeach.com
7. Mount Pirongia
Source: Pinterest

8. Takarunga / Mount Victoria in Devenport, Auckland

9. Rangitoto Island
Source: NewZealand.com

10. Maungawhau / Mount Eden
Source: Flickr

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