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Reasons to Choose Joomla Hosting

Joomla like WordPress is one of the more popular Content Management Systems today which lets users edit site content seamlessly. It is an open source CMS created using a model-view controller framework that makes the software very simple to use. Most other hosting plans will need users to have a fair degree of technical knowledge but Joomla hosting can be used even by beginners without any prior knowhow or experience about website development.

What benefits does Joomla hosting offer?

With Joomla hosting, you can enjoy a user-friendly app which is also easily accessible. This explains why even amateurs in web development and designing can make use of this app.

Joomla also offers many interesting features that may be used for building intranets and extranets, personal sites and employment portals, corporate sites etc. The software provides a high degree of customizability and you can introduce complicated add-ons. Layouts and templates can be managed comfortably with this app.

Joomla also supports as many as 2000 extensions that enable users to conveniently edit the content and layout depending on their business requirements.

Users can take advantage of the bi-directional text support facility which is not available in various small CMS. This software being open source is also compatible with Linux, Windows and other operating systems. It can be made to fit into all kinds of hosting plans. This explains why it remains a very popular solution amongst web developers.

The app also gets a lot of support from the Joomla hosting community. This community comprises of developers who can offer guidance and support so that users can make use of this platform optimally.

How to get the best Joomla hosting India provider:

To get the best Joomla hosting providers in India, you must search for a hosting company that fully supports this software. Joomla can run on servers equipped with Apache, MySQL and PHP. Depending on the Joomla version you run, you may need to install some specific versions of these applications. It is also advisable to choose the latest updates of Joomla so that you can run the most stable version.

The way in which you will set up the Joomla application on your site will determine how you choose a Joomla hosting provider. When you do not know MySQL or FTP, it may take a while for you to get used to running this platform. So, the best solution is to find a provider which offers a one-click installation for Joomla; these providers are likely to have multiple tools which can automatically build required databases and install applications quickly.

You must get a provider which has more than a single database because Joomla is essentially database-driven software. When you choose a plan which supports multiple databases, you always have enough to run the Joomla and many other applications simultaneously.

While for many people having a single domain may suffice, for those who wish to run Joomla along with their traditional website blogs, there should ideally be multiple domains.

Joomla enjoys support from a rather active community; it is not maintained by any corporation and so there is customer service officially. While the community may be a great help, it is always better to choose a Joomla hosting provider that can give support whenever you need it.

It is also recommended that you select a web host with a stable and reliable infrastructure to ensure that the Joomla functions optimally.

Finally, it is imperative to choose a trustworthy provider because there are many providers out there when you are looking for Joomla hosting solutions. It may help to read through client feedbacks and online reviews before signing up with a provider.

When you choose a quality provider, you can get fast Joomla hosting. Fast Joomla hosting ensures that customers are satisfied when they come to your website; it also ensures that the products and services on the site look more credible and professional. If you can improve the site speed, you can improve your SEO rankings too. As a CMS, Joomla has a lot to give its customers, the most important being its flexibility which makes it the best choice for enhancing your online presence.

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