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Buying Tween Swimwear

It can be quite a task to shop for your Tween girl’s swimwear and find the one that meets all the essential requirements. Limeapple, your online Tween store for active and casual wear for tweens, gives you the choicest and the cutest selection of swimwear that also does the job of protecting your fairy from sun.

Come summer and everyone flocks to the beach. The sea, the waves, sun and the breeze, everyone loves swim and sun bathes by the ocean. Swimming is an excellent exercise for your kids and a great way to keep your darlings occupied and active during the hot summer months. Before diving in, your darling is going to need a quality, durable swimwear that fits properly and is of utmost comfort. And when you are choosing one, it has to be stylish. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that tweens today are more aware of trends, and have a say in what they want to wear.

It can be a mammoth task hunting for your Tween’s swimwear and find the one that meets all that we are looking for. With so many color choices, styles and patterns, it’s easy to feel bombarded and most particularly confused. First and foremost, we need to keep in mind the child’s safety. While everyone will make sure that the swimsuit fits, the straps don’t fall off and the material doesn’t itch, how many of you are going to remember to get one that offers protection from sun?

Yes, sun screens and lotions are certainly going to do their job, but for double protection, it’s important to get swimwear that comes with UPF rating.

What is UPF rating, you ask?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet protection factor of the garment and is an essential in keeping the sun’s harmful rays off your skin. UPF is added to the clothing as a dye during the manufacturing process and is designed to block majority of UV rays from penetrating the clothing. UPF comes with different rating scale, depending upon the percentage of UV rays it can block.

UPF Rating
Protection Category
% of UV Blocked
Very Good
97.5 or more
More than 97.5%

Coupled with sun screen and UPF clothing, you can be quite assured that that your darling is protected from sun’s rays.

It is important to understand that our girl is about to step into her adolescence and is no longer a baby. So her swimsuits shouldn’t be so either. A one-piece bathing suit is still the easiest suit to shop for at this age. The fit has to be flattering, but with such a wide range of colors and patterns available, the hardest thing you’ll have to decide is if she wants to stick with a classic suit with standard thin straps, or if she’d like one with ruffles to add on to her taste.

A tankini is great for the girl that’s ready to step up from a one-piece, but isn’t really a fan of full-on bikinis. If she’s started to develop in her bust area, a tankini will allow you to mix and match her suits to fit her body while still keeping everything covered. Be sure to look for light padding through the top, and if she has a little tummy she wants to camouflage, pick one that has ruching on the side
Bikinis are fun to choose for both athletic and girlie sorts. With bikini pieces, pair bright, solid hues with graphic and floral prints for endless mix-and-match possibilities. The bikini tops can also be worn with board shorts, so if she likes to boogie board or play volleyball, she can still be active without feeling constricted. As with a tankini, look for light padding through the top, and if she’s at a point where she may need a little bust support as well, a halter style with thicker straps may be ideal

Now since you know this very essential part of swimwear buying process for your darling, you must be on a lookout for quality Tween swimwear. Limeapple, your online Tween store for active and casual wear for darlings, gives you the choicest and the cutest selection of swimwear. Whether she is building tall castles in the sun, hanging out with friends by the pool side or playing beach games with family, our stylish, hip and energetic girls’ swimwear has her covered. 

Our swimwears come with UPF 50+ protection that blocks out 97% of the sun’s harmful rays. The comfortable fit, adjustable straps and front lining add to the appeal. Check out our collection from the comfort of your home, we are sure you’ll find something that you and you darling will love. 

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