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6 Menswear Brands We Will Love in 2016

When it comes to male brands and male fashion, there is something so specific about it; we all get immensely excited whenever there’s a new collection on stock and we are ready to do anything to have it. Sure, fashion does have that effect on people where everyone goes ballistic if they don’t manage to get that one piece they were eyeing, but when it comes to male fashion – despite all the craze, there is a particular dignity about it, even when you are fighting over a particular outfit with your best friend.

Our favorite brands this season range from super sleek and chic designs to edgy and amazing streetwear; already known and trending names are getting competition from the upcoming fashions artists but we’re finding it in our heart (and wardrobe) enough space for all of them.
Here begins the countdown…

J W Anderson

The Samurai fashion has been trending for some time now and we’ve been seeing it in male hairstyles, predominantly. Now, we’ve got the opportunity to see it in clothes, too. J W Anderson made sure the samurai vibe is dominant, however with the roughness that was toned down with waist-bands that ran throughout.
Leather jackets were paired with multi-pleated pants, and strange talismans were worn around as accessorize. Are we sensing a new trend?
The entire brand is based on the idea of nirvana cool look this season.

Alexander Wang

Deviant, raw and rough were the cornerstones of this collection. The sportswear, as well as the luxed-up work-wear was aimed at the bad boys, which certainly seems like something we’ll be obsessing with all throughout 2016. For men who enjoy the lack of color, the moleskin-like fabrics in dull, dusty hues are present in the entire collection.

Mission Mercantile

Leather, leather, leather! Mission Mercantile is a brand with the longest tradition in the leather market and superbly crafted designs aimed for both a modern and traditional man, with an incredible sense of style and quality. The Mercantile brand has a much longer tradition than you think, but this time around they’ve surprised us with incredibly bold handbag designs, superbly crafted belts and wallets and virtually everything you may think of when you think leather fashion.
Judging by their recent collection, it seems we’ll be turning to them for all that’s leather all throughout 2016 and beyond.


Street wear! Palace’s cheeky attitude has got this relatively new London skate brand quite a following and we are pretty convinced we’ll be seeing a lot of it in the future. The brand is recognized for witty and funny lines on the clothes, like that bomber headline saying "ON THE DANCE FLOOR LOOKING LIKE THE GUY OUT OF THE FANTASTIC 4." Palace founder Lev Tanju pens much of the hilarity himself.

Off White

Virgil Abloh is a designer who’s managed to create a fantastic mashup of what's popping in the street and put it on the runway. His inspiration comes from everything from architects (Mies Van Der Rohe) and graffiti artists (Terrible T-KID 170) to mid-2000s streetwear like ALIFE and aNYthing.

Obviously, his other gig as Kanye West's creative director and a globe-trotting DJ helps fuel his increasingly eclectic influences.
Fashion's current obsession with street culture is evidently present in Abloh’s aesthetic that is based on screen printed military jackets, distressed jeans and self-described Céline-meets-Air Force 1s. We love it!


This influential skate brand was founded back in 1994, and it has managed to become and stay a cultural powerhouse! The label has a fondness for bridging the gap between generations, whether through putting Neil Young and Kate Moss on T-shirts that instantly sell out or through working with Larry Clark on a collection inspired by his film "Kids". Obviously, most kids obsessed with the Supreme hadn't heard of these people before, but owing to this amazing brand – they do now!

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