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5 Astrological Mantras for a Happily Married Life

Marriages are not always about love and roses. Everyone needs a quick fix solution for petty problems that keep arising every day in marriage. But, problems are not stop-signs, they are guidelines. Conflicts do not show that you have married the wrong partner; they simply affirm that you are human. For a successful, happy marriage, a couple might seek easy solutions which are readily offered by the magical science called astrology.
Marriage is a beautiful institution but like every institution of life, it too needs care, attention, and love. The stress of everyday life can easily take a toll on marriage. In fact, very often, a married couple is in search for a good Astrologer in Mumbai, Delhi or such metropolitan places where the stressful life may impact the sanctity of this beautiful relationship. Though there is a myriad of suggestions that astrologers provide for a peaceful and loving married life, here are the best five astrological mantras that affirm positivity and flow of love among married couples.

1.) Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra
This powerful mantra was given by sage Durvasa to Goddess Parvathi to achieve her desire of getting Lord Shiva as her soul-mate. The mantra goes like this:
Om Hreem Yogini Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara
Jangamasya Mukha Hrudayam Mama Vasam Akarsha Akarshaya Namaha:”
If chanted regularly, this mantra can help achieve harmony and even reduces the chances of divorce.
2.) Mantra to Reduce Stress
Another effective mantra which astrologers suggest improves the conflict situations amongst married couple can be chanted:
Om Damyantin labhyam cha namaskaram karobhyaham
Abhivado bhavedatra kalidoshaprashanti dah.
3.) Auspicious Marriage Mantra
Husband and wife who were earlier living with a lot of love but now keep quarreling over tiny problems can be helped a lot with the help of astrological solutions. Many leading astrologers suggest the proper chanting of following auspicious marriage mantra for 21 days by fighting couples to strive harmony.
Sab Narhar Karhi Paraspar Preeti
Chalhi Swadharm Nirat Shruti Neeti
4.) Marriage Saving Mantra
Indian Vedic Astrology not only guides how to decide a good destiny by matching charts or Kundli before marriage, but also offers effective remedies to save and protect a breaking marriage. Instead of going to lawyers for negative decisions like divorce, a troubled married couple should try to chant astrological mantras following the correct pattern as advised by renowned astrologers. It is a very fruitful remedy as described below:
Taba janaka pai bashishtha ayasu byaha saja savari kai Mandavi shruta kirati Urmila kuwari lai hankari kai
5.) Astrological Mantra for Peace in Marriage
In spite of all failed efforts to rectify mistakes by husband and wife, if nothing is working in their marriage and they are at unrest with each other, this magical mantra is bound to help them find a way out.

If you too are looking for an Astrologer in Mumbai or Delhi where the city life and stress, has made a negative impact on your marriage, there are some renowned astrologers that can also be consulted online. Take the help of an astrologer along with these mantras to have a happy married life. 

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