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22 Struggles While Writing An Assignment At The Last Minute

   So the assignment topic was given months ago and you have been telling yourself that you have a lot of time. After postponing every time you think of starting it, it is just few days left for the submission date. Well, it's panic time.
     Every student who keep their assignment at the last minute to write can probably relate to these problems and struggles of having to write the assignment at the last hour.

1. You read the assignment topic and course outline and have no idea what that really means.

2. The topic confuses you and you call and text almost every friend of yours to clear the confusion and everyone seems to be confused as well and have their own theory regarding the topic.

3. So you sit in front of your computer to start and stare at the screen for hours, no idea where to begin.

4. You begin to talk to yourself and really get that motivation from within.

5. You make a rough calculation of how many words you shall write this hour or today and how long will it take to reach the word limit.

6. You randomly start Googling the assignment topics and looking for articles and journals and see the internet has nothing to offer you.

7. Then you gently panic but tell yourself you still have like three days so its okay.

8. Then you seem to have found some great sources that answers the topic of your assignment so you begin reading everything you can or just say skimming.

9. Well, you then try to figure out how to relate anything you have to the topic and nothing actually makes sense.

10. There are times you just realize that you are simply copying things directly and then plagiarism alert rings on your head and there you go with all your paraphrasing skill worked up.

11. Every 200 words you write, you check how many words remaining.

12. Coffee becomes your best friend.

13. You will probably receive a lot of panic texts and messages from your friends as well asking you how you're doing as they are freaking out with the same condition as well.

14. Then you begin to have deep thoughts about what if you fail, what if you drop out, what if your career is ruined. Yes that's deep.

15. You chose the last day to meet your lecturers and teachers to discuss the topic, clear out doubts while they may assume we may have already finished your assignments.

16. Your 10 minutes coffee breaks turns into an hour of TV break.

17. When you hopelessly try to read whatever you've written so far, you realize you've basically repeated yourself a lot of times just to reach the word limit.

18. After spending 15 minutes scrolling at the Facebook feed, you buck yourself up and continue writing.

19. There comes a time when you even consider just going to bed and pretend nothing is going to happen and you'll deal with it later.

20. Finally, after being awake the whole night you finally reach the word limit and you feel VICTORIOUS.

21. Once you're done with the referencing and submitting it, you feel you've just won a battle and now there will be light in your life.

22. So now you just fall on your bed, with no energy left and tell yourself, you will probably start working on your next assignment early.

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