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Why cleaning appliances cannot replace mops?

With a number of modern technology coming into the foray as well as with the rising number of innovations taking place, a lot of manual appliances and objects are losing their importance. This is happening especially due to the fact that people find ease and convenience in using the technology rather than continue on with their same old ways.

A number of household appliances also come into this category where science is rapidly replacing old school functionality. This can be considered one of the reasons why the modern household has much more to do with electronic and battery operated appliances than the manual ones. But, when you really think of it, can electronic appliances completely replace our traditional ways?

Take for example, the task of cleaning. A number of gadgets have been introduced to fulfill this task including vacuum cleaners, automated mops, hand held vacuums etc. A large percentage of the population has begun using these innovative household appliances which decrease the need for human effort but can they really replace our old ways, the wet and dust mops?

Let’s look at a couple of reasons why this isn’t entirely possible:
The scale of cleaning- While it is said that vacuums can cover a large area while cleaning, this isn’t necessarily possible because there is always scope for some dust to be left over. This is because vacuums can get quite restricted in terms of how much it can clean and the crevices it can reach.

No matter how small the nozzle may be, there are certain places where only a dust mop can reach and this is why in terms of the area they clean, mops are always going to be superior.

The need for power- Most modern technology requires either the power from a battery or the need for electricity to power them on. These appliances cannot function with a source to power them on. This means that your household will have to spend a ton of money just to clean the home.
With mops, the only thing it needs is human effort. This factor about the appliances also gives us another reason to not vouch for them, for those one which do not work on batteries have to be plugged in. Even with extension cords, there is a limited space where it can be used before they have to be re-plugged.

How far they reach- In terms of the reach of cleaning appliances in the house, a number of little nooks and crannies are left untouched. A mop not only reaches these places easily, they are also quite successful in cleaning some stubborn stains, depending upon the kind of mop.
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