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Tips to save money while travelling!

Tiny expenses can add up and become quite huge when you are travelling. We often don’t calculate small expenses like cab fare, food costs, shopping costs, recharge money and other things. When you are about to go on a trip, you need to firstly keep extra money and also try to save some when you are on the tour. If you are not sure how you can save some money while travelling then keep on reading…
  1. Research well – When you are going to a new state or country, you need to make sure you research about the food costs, hotel room costs and everything beforehand. You can easily find food costs through the web these days. You should also search for affordable train food options if you are taking the train for your trip. You don’t want to end up buying plenty snacks from vendors’ constantly in midst of the journey.
  2. Pack your essentials – If you are going on a trip, which will be long then take your essentials with you. Carry extra toothpaste, facewash, soap, shampoo, clothes, etc. so that you don’t have to purchase it during your vacation. This will help save money while the journey since you will not spend it on grocery shopping. And most of us usually buy extra things to store in the house for monthly use; you can just grab some items from your storage space and take it with you.
  3. Shop around for deals – If you are buying a phone, laptop or anything major from another state or city, then shop around for deals. Find several shops on the web and then decide as to what you want to buy and from where. You can save plenty of money if you find a cheaper deal for the same product. It is always better to avoid buying gadgets from another place because if you travel in a train, you might end up ruining it due to crowds, but if you do want to buy it then make sure you check few places.
  4. Avoid fancy restaurants – In case, you are travelling solo, and you are okay with eating at a normal restaurant, which is not a five-star one, then you can save tons of money on food too. Also, do not order food from the hotel you are staying at. Hotels usually charge quite a lot for food and you might get a good deal at an individual restaurant. You can also opt for buffet system if you are with a group of people. This will help you save tons of money on the food.
  5. Advance book activities – If you are going for a theatre show or some adventure spots or sightseeing, then advance book the tickets or passes. Sometimes, if you ask for tickets right at the moment, it can be quite costly. You can find good deals over at all times!
These 5 simple tricks can help you save tons of money for your next trip!

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  1. Food is the most expensive item in some of the tourist places such as Shimla – Manali tours. Instead of going to hotel and most expensive foods, people can cook their own food which can help in saving money a lot.


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