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Teaching Children Life Skills: Being a Good Friend

It’s a great feeling when you know you have someone to talk to, and who is always there when you need them. To be a good friend means you find value in your own life, by surrounding yourself with loving people. Teaching kids to adopt the right social skills, will help them make friends. They will learn the influence friends can have, and the joy they can bring into their life. They will have people who share their ideas, feelings, make them laugh, and enjoy life. In teaching your kids to be good friends, they will be value their friends, and be prepared for life.

Lead by Example

All kids look up to their parents, so lead by good example. Kids observe their parents’ behavior and adopt it as their own. Display good relations with your own friends, and the people around you. Let them meet your friends, and create an environment where friendship is encouraged. Demonstrate social skills and values, you want to instill in your child. Teaching them to be good to others, as much as they want others to be good to them. By being a good role model to your kids, they will get along with others, and become good friend material.

Teach Them Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the fundamental qualities of good friends. Inspiring this trait in you kids will help them become reliable people. When their friends know they can trust and depend on them, it will help in creating a better friendship. Teach kids to honor promises, and keep by them. They have to know that they need to invest time, emotion, and effort. In doing so, they will create a sense of mutual respect. It will be the foundation on which their bond can grow, and develop. And when their friends know who they can rely on, and so will your child.

Promote Empathy

Introduce your kids to empathy, and help them adopt it into their personality. By being empathetic, kids will learn to care about other people’s emotions and feelings. This will enable them to connect to their friends. They will be able to hear out their friends, and provide emotional comfort. Relating to other people can help your kids acquire sympathy and understanding. It will make them stronger individuals, who won’t resort to abandonment. They will support their friends even when faced with challenges. In doing so, they will know how to value, and enjoy each other’s success.

Encourage Friendship

Use your influence to teach kids how to be a good friend. Explain the importance of friendship, and encourage them to make friends. Instill positive social skills, by creating an environment that values truth and care. Teach them to be polite and thankful, and to be appreciative of others. This will make them more likeable and confident around other people. Create events that allow them to make friends and refine their skills. Take your kids to public playgrounds, or arrange play dates. School children like superheroes, so arrange a superhero party to raise your child’s popularity. A fun superhero party will provide you with a chance to monitor their development, and how they get along with others. Later, you can speak to your child and correct any behavioral problems they may have.

Keeping an Open Mind

Teach your child to honor their friends’ ideas, beliefs, and choices. They may not always agree, but kids will stay open, and listen to what others have to say. They will know they can express themselves, without the fear of judgment, and rejection. By adopting openness and assertive communication, they will display care and support. They will be able to speak freely, knowing others’ will listen. In keeping an open mind about others, will create an environment in which any relationship can blossom. 

Sharing Fun

Being a good friend means you get to spend time having fun with someone. By enjoying things they consider fun, kids will associate their friends with good feelings. This will the foundation of their friendship, and improve their relationship. Teach them to be available, and to always remember to ask their friends to join their activities. Encourage them to engage in activities which their friends enjoy as well. They will spark some healthy competition, and learn how to compromise. Having a friend around will improve their experience. Be it play, sports, dancing, or a trip, sharing it with a friend, will make it that much more fun.

Teach your kids to adopt positive social skills to help them make friends. They will become better people, surrounding themselves with people they care about, and who care about them. And with a good friend always around, it will add value and happiness to your child’s life.

About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

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