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Spiti - The Remotely Located Tourism Gem of India

Granted that Spiti is very remotely located. So much so that although many people wish to visit this place after having heard exciting stories from previous visitors, they still hesitate to make the travel. This article talks about why a trip to Spiti should be given another thought and the things a traveller can do in this place.
Sharing a striking similarity with Tibet and resonating a vibe similar to it, Spiti is beautiful picturesque place on the foothills of the Himalayan ranges. Encompassed by mountains and ice sheets, towns roosted on mountain peaks, curious old religious communities, perfectly clear waterways and streams, a visit to this place is mind boggling and exciting as it seems. The surroundings of Spiti is marked by Tibet in the east, Ladakh toward the north, Kinnaur toward the south east and Lahaul and Kullu toward the south.

Cut off from the normal conventional travellers travel list due to its remoteness, Spiti, alongside its twin valley of Lahaul, has held its unblemished appeal. Spiti and Lahaul are sub-divisions in Lahaul and Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti is best approached from New Delhi by an smooth sailing Delhi to Spiti cab which takes about 7 hours of travelling time to reach your much awaited destination. Apart from the breathtaking natural beauty, there are numerous things you can keep yourself busy with in this part of India. Trekking and jeep safaris are a portion of the exercises that you can do here. Trekkers rush to Spiti pulled in by its picturesque mountains, captivating scenes, icy masses and perfect environment. Pin-Parvati, Parang-La and Pin-Bhaba are a percentage of the prevalent trails.
As mentioned, trekking is the ultimate best outdoor activity you can indulge yourself in during your stay here. But trekking through Lahaul and Spiti is not a piece of cake and be cautioned, not for the small hearted and short breathed! Trekking through this region can be the most exciting thing but it also requires planning. You need to get your proper gear and take certain precautions and know about the dos and don’ts on your trek. Proper clothing and layering of warm clothes must be done, but not so much that it affects your mobility. Coats should be waterproof and you can take some basic cooking gear or carry your packed food. This place will give you the real feel and experience of being in the north pole trying to find your way out. The scene is different during summers and as opposed to the heavy layering of clothes what's more important is to get your sunscreen, sunglasses and always stay hydrated.
Incase you approach this place by train to the nearest railway station, you can plan out your journey in advance by checking the PNR prediction from the IRCTC website and book a taxi from the train station accordingly. If you have experienced the trekking part and your blood still pumps for some adventure, get ready to get down and dirty and splashed with refreshing cold water and sign up for the river rafting activity. This adrenaline pumped activity rejuvenates any tired soul and the view of the whole place from the river is even more breathtaking than looking at it from land.

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