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Best Local Eats & Fine Dining Experience in Sharjah

Sharjah boasts a wealth of art and culture which is why we know it as a cultural hotspot of the Middle East. It’s rather a more peaceful version of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Besides the usual museums and traditional souks, there’re some of the best local and fine dining restaurants spread across the city where you get to taste Indian, Pakistani, typical Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. If you’re in Sharjah, be sure to chow down at the restaurants listed below.

Experience the best classic Arabian service and hospitality at Milan where traditional Emirati cuisine is prepared with a twist of Middle East. The restaurant is located on the Denim District that represents home-cooked style food, strong and spiced tea, herbal perfumes served at end of the meal. Every table is integrated with an iPad menu that allow diners to customise their meal, select specialities and have a good look at the food range before placing the order.

At El-Manza, you’ll taste true Moroccan dining paired with brilliant interior décor and neat presentation that makes it the best of all. With fresh aromatic spices and olives comes the authentic traditional flavour. Besides the food, the iconic Sharjah Fountain is another primary attraction here that you can gaze upon only if you’ve booked outdoor tables on the terrace.

The rich taste of Indian regions such as Lucknow, Hyderabad and the North West Frontier can be experienced best at the Gazebo. The super recipes come from the royal kitchens of India where a fine balance between strong and mild spice is kept. Diners can enjoy their food amidst the stunning interior, subtle lighting and soft music; indeed a perfect dining experience. You’ll find a mob at peak timings but with two other branches in the city, customers can get accommodated easily.

For something new and out of the usual Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, Seashells is where fresh seafood is at its best. The restaurant serves tuna fish, grilled shrimps and various other varieties at rather an economical cost. If you’re hurrying home and wish to grab something for late evening snack, there’s not a better option than Seashells.

Sharjah Dhow Restaurant
The restaurant is situated on a beautiful dhow boat that’s docked near the charming Sharjah cornice. There’s a variety of seating options including private booths, smaller tables with long benches and all. Don’t get intimidated from the arrangement but focus on the food that’s above everything else! Some of the well-made Middle Eastern delicacies are presented here with true Arabic flavour. Most sought-after items include seafood, barbecue and vegetarian.

Indian and Chinese cuisine at a low-budget but awesome taste is available at Katis. The interior boasts natural ambiance however the venue stimulates more of hunger than décor itself. “Excellence is not a skill but an attitude” is the restaurant’s motto that reflects highly from the superb food quality and hospitality.


The list of restaurants in Sharjah goes on but for now, better try out the ones we mentioned above and get your taste buds delighted!

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