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A to Z Reasons why you should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the balkan countries and while the media focus on its turbulent past and ever-changing border lines, do not let that stop you from visiting this beautiful country. Below I have a built with the help of the alphabets A to Z reasons why you should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

A for Affordable
Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the cheapest countries in Europe - it does help that the country is not part of the Euros yet - so take advantage of the exchange rate. You can get water for 30 cents, beers cost 70 cent, and meals from restaurants start can start from around €5. Plus taxi is ridiculously cheap

B for Bosnia coffee culture

Picture: The Roam Pear
In Bosnia, coffee is more than just a drink, it is more of a ritual and it is the setting of conversation. The coffee is served in a small copper vessel - džezva - with a cup which has sugar and a turkish delight inside and another cup with water all on a copper tray. If you visit Bosnia you have to have coffee the proper Bosnia way

C for Castle

Picture: The Roam Pear
There are plenty of castles in the country which are dated back to the Ottoman period. The castles in the country are beautiful, and my favorite would have to be the Jajce Castle as it breathtaking with a great view of Jajce impress waterfall

D for Diversity
Bosnia and Herzegovina is so diverse from its culture, to it’s people and to religion. You can find a Catholic and Orthodox church, a mosque, and synagogue, all in the same area. 

E for Explore the nearby Balkans
The country is very close to Croatia and there are companies that offer day trips to Dubrovnik. The country is also close to Montenegro and Serbia

F for Food
The food in Bosnia and Herzegovina are delicious and they are freshly and locally sourced. There are so many mouth water food to eat, from its cevapi to Djuvec to tangy white cheese to grilled meat and many more

G for Green oasis that is Vrelo Bosne Park

Picture: Rudolf Getel / Flickr

Vrelo Bosne Park is located to not far from Sarajevo’s city. The park is filled with lush green grass, swans, bridges, small waterfalls and a small forest. The water is said to be clean and you can do horse and carriage ride - which I would highly recommend

H for Hutovo Blato Nature Park

Picture: The Roam Pear
Hutovo Blato is a nature and bird reserved situated not far away from Capljina. In the park you can enjoy bird-watching, boat-riding, sport-fishing, seeing the cute ducks  and many more.

I for International quality skiing at Bjelašnica

Picture: The Roam Pear
It may not be as glamorous as the french alps but this lesser known ski resort, which hosted the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics is still a great choice plus you will have lots of space to yourself to ski or snowboard. 

J for Jablanica

Jablanica is tucked away in the peaks of Cvrsnica and Prenj Mountains, the town is rich in history, as it was a battle field during the second world war and today there is a remain of destroyed bridge which is symbol of the wartime. Other than its history in the second war world, the town has its very own artificial lake called Jablanica lake and it is perfect for water sport. 

K for Kravica beautiful waterfall

Kravica is suited not far from Mostar and if you visit Mostar you have got to visit the beautiful picturesque waterfall in Kravica. If you love camping Kravica fall as a place for campers, there is a little cafe shop around as well as a picnic area. Lastly there is a rope swing which you use to dive into the water.

L for Landscape

The landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina is second to none, from its’ beautiful parks to its waterfall, to its mountains, if landscape is one of the main reason why you pick where you to travel to, you should add this country onto the list, you will not be disappointed 

M for Mostar

Picture: Carlos Rivera / Flickr
I have talked a little about Mostar and it is only fair to add it onto the list of reasons why you should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar a beautiful fairytale city in the southern part of the country and also the home to UNESCO heritage that is the Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar. There is a lots of things to do in the city and around such as visiting Kravica waterfall or Buna river or Vrelo Bune

N for National Parks

Picture: Muhamed Toromanovic / Flickr
Bosnia and Herzegovina has greats national parks with Una National Park being being my favourite. The biggest attraction is Una river but there are also other amazing features such as Štrbački Buk, Una waterfalls and hiking around the park.

O for Ottoman architecture

Picture: Dieter Goerke / Flickr
Cities such as Mostar and Sarajevo older parts still have some Ottoman architecture as well other towns. The architecture are not only beautiful but very historical

P for People
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s people are one the kindest people ever, they are so generous and they will welcome you with open arms and you will feel like you are one of the family.

Q for Quiet
So when I mean by quiet is that, the country is a lesser known tourist destination. You can wander the streets and most of the people are actually locals. But year by year the country is getting more tourists - so make sure to visit before it becomes a tourist haven 

R for River rafting

Picture: SarahTz / Flickr 
Bosnia and Herzegovina have some pretty beautiful rivers and they are rank as one of the best in Europe. River rafting is one of the funniest things too do while in the country. There are few companies that offers a day rafting tour  

S for Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and historically has been through alot when the war started in early 1990s. However it is been under major post-war construction. There is a lot of things to do in the capital, and another great thing is you can do day trips to Croatia from the capital. 

T for Travnik

Picture: eric yeargan / Flickr

Travink is a town situated in the centre of the country and located in the Lašva river valley and it is surrounded by one of the most beautiful mountains in the country, Vlašić. Travink is one the best preserved city, known for its two clocks and it was home to many important personalities

V for Visoko pyramid

Picture: Steve / Flickr
Yes a pyramid in Europe! There has been debate whether Visoko pyramid is real or not, however there are tours to the area to see for yourself 

W for Wine tasting
There is no shortage of winyards in Bosnia and Herzegovina with places such as Mostar and Vinska Cesta being famous for their quality grapes and wineries

X for Xtreme sports
There are arrays of eXtreme sports to do in the country from river rafting mention above to mountain biking, to hiking to wind gliding and many more. 

Y for Y not
The country is safe, the people are incredibly friendly, their food is delicious and many more. There is so much that the country has to offer that you will not get bored.

Z for Zlatna Ribica

Picture: Jonathan Khoo / Flickr
Zlatna Ribica is a very unique bar in Sarajevo. You will feel like you drop into a rabbit's hole, there is so much going on inside the place with its antique fittings, fancy upholstery and eclectic music.

So all that is left to say is Happy Travel!

Guest Blog by The Roam Pear

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