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8 Surprising Celebrity Piercings You Need To Check Out

We just loveeeee our piercings, don’t we! And when you think about, what’s there not to love? They are cool, they are edgy, and they are a perfect statement to who you are as a person, as a sensibility and as a soul.  Truth is, piercings haven’t shown themselves in glory with personas like Kate Middleton and such, but hey – she’s got a crown, so why would she need another jewel on her.

In recent years, tattoos and piercings have been super trending, and as it appears – they become some of the favorite accessorize pieces of the famous, not just us commoners. What’s additionally interesting is that, before, you’d see rockers and metal lovers pierced while nowadays virtually anyone from the girl next door, to a corporate executive, to a model are sporting at least one piercing, visible to the public or not.

This, better than anything, is a statement to how the overall perspective on body art has changed; sporting a piercing or a tattoo before you’d be branded a vagabond.
These days? You are seen as super cool, exciting, exotically dangerous and extremely hot! Yay for all body art lovers! Since we’ve become totally obsessed with celebrities and their apparent love for piercings, we’ll be taking a look into the trend seen through their pierce-actions.

Ready? Here we go:

Scarlett Johansson
Wow! Now this we did not expect! The gorgeous, curvalitious blonde had her septum pierced and we are not sure if we are loving it or not. Used to seeing Johansson in rather gentile editions, she’s first surprised us by shortening her hair to express her fierce side, showing all her edgy ear piercings, and she obviously hasn’t stopped there. Apparently Ms Johansson is on a mission to prove everyone she’s got more edge to her than we’d ever anticipated and this septum piercing is there to witness it!

Queen RiRi is no surprise any longer; her stunning body decorated with multiple tattoos and piercings is exactly what turned her from a cute singer to an icon. Well, that AND talent. The latest surprise though was her nipple piercing she’s so casually flashed in one of her casual strolls to a dinner date, when she’s opted for a see-through top and no bra action. The nipple piercing caught paparazzi’s attention mid September and it’s been talked about ever since. Sometime after, we’ve seen Kendall Jenner’s nipple pierce, too. Talk about setting nipple trends!

Katy Perry
The stunning green-eyed brunette surprised us all with her nose piercing, that is with the seemingly extremely painful video of having her nose pierced. However, whoever has had their nose pierced, they know it’s not painful at all but queen K has definitely made it show. We love how’s she’s rocking it!

Miley Cyrus
Disney Star turned Tongue Flapper has… wait for it – 10 piercings! After chopping her locks, Miley Cyrus surprised everyone with not just her new do but her all over piercings. Or at least a nose piercing, a belly button one and several ear piercings that, you’ve got to admit, look really cool. Even though Cyrus has been nothing but tasteful since she’s turned up the volume on her style, as far as the piercings go – she does wear the piercings tastefully and they perfectly fit her newfound style. Good look on you, Miley!

Lady Gaga
The former Catholic school girl and forever attention-seeking Gaga is yet another celebrity who is proud of her piercing. In fact, she’s so proud that she’s stepped out sans undergarments to reveal exactly what piercings she has. We get it, Gaga… you’re a badass! Would the nuns be proud? Now that’s a toughie.

Well, an eyebrow piercing tends to look pretty trashy, but Fergie’s pulled it off so well we all wanned one! At the time The Blackeyed Peas singer used to sport an eyebrow ring, rarely any celebrity had the guts to do a piercing or even show one if they had them. However, this fierce front woman killed it! However, the moment she’s got pregnant, the piercing was out. Ah, what all will motherhood do to a woman!

Drew Barrymore
Even though she seems to have calmed a bit, this adorable actress with a rather wild past, still has a tongue ring. Originally getting the piercing to play a character in "Whip It", she’s obviously decided to keep it and, well – enjoy it. Ms Barrymore has flashed her tongue ring on the red carpet as well as on casual talk shows with Ellen and Letterman. However, we haven’t seen Drew for some time now, so we can’t be sure if she still dons the ring or not.

Harrison Ford
Wait, what? Yes, that’s right - at 70 years of age, this amazing actor is still sporting his ear piercing and it’s looking super cool! Even at that age, he makes it look fab. The Indiana Jones star got it pierced at the age of 55 and he’s obviously sticking to his guns, still!

Where’s your piercing?

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