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8 Signs You've Become Culturally A Filipino

Hanging out with people from a particular culture makes you get attached to the culture and even adopt their ways of life. So, if you are foreigner living in the Philippines or someone who always hangout with Filipinos, then you must check these signs that you're turning and becoming culturally a Filipino.

1. Can't Let Go of Red Horse
Trust me on this one. If you are with Filipino company then you have already tried their beers and Red Horse it is. After tasting this heavenly beer that makes you so drunk, believe me, you can't just let go of Red Horse beer.

2. Rice, Rice and Rice
Filipinos like most Asians eat rice a lot and rice is indeed everywhere everytime in their meals. Sometimes you just can't let go of your rice cooker.

3. You go  to buy groceries with the hip music on on your head phones
Oh yes, turning on the best rap music and going to the super market to buy some drinks or groceries is another thing.

4. You have overcome your fear of Karaoke
Everyone loves karaoke but hanging out with Filipinos, you learn how to overcome the fear of Karaoke and now you excessively indulge with karaoke. Whether it be at a bar, restaurant or even a cafe that actually has a karaoke.

5. Halo Halo is the best dessert
Who doesn't like dessert and the Filipinos do it with style. You are extremely in love with Halo Halo and can't get enough of it.

6. You're continuously indulging yourself with chicken or spaghetti
   I mean who can say no to that delicious chicken adobo or sisig and spaghetti in the Philippines is pure heaven. Who would have thought that spaghetti can actually be cooked in sugar and tomatoes like the Filipinos and turn out so delicious.

7. You've become a beach addict
With more than 7000 islands in the Philippines and so many beaches, Filipinos love the beach and you've actually become a beach snob yourself. The beach is the perfect destination whether it be hanging out with friends, partying, outdoor sports or a solitary time.

8. You're addicted to Filipino Pop Culture and Movies
Trust me, even if you don't speak tagalog, you're actually influenced a lot by Filipino media. Let it be with english subtitles, you've watched Filipino movies, heard music and get to hear so much about that new movies or tv show that's come up.

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