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5 Ways to Give Boost to Swachchh Bharat Abhiyaan

In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about how sanitation and hygiene are necessary elements for a country to move forward in its struggle to become a developed nation. It has been said that one of the biggest troubles when it comes to India becoming one of the top most countries in the eyes of the world is the issue of lack of cleanliness and clear water, living space etc.

Recently, our prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi has launched the Swachchh Bharat Abhiyaan, a campaign to bring complete sanitation in the nation in the near future. It aims at bringing about many cleanliness campaigns aimed at decluttering roads, not littering anywhere, no spitting etc. as well as the cleaning up of rivers, reservoirs etc. which have earlier been polluted to such an extreme extent that much of our rivers have ended up becoming a place for factory effluents to flow through.

While he has launched the program and has urged citizens to work together to make the vision of a Clean India possible, what are the steps which can be taken to make this dream possible? Are there things which can be done to ensure that we have a Swachchh Bharat by 2020?

Why don’t we find out what some of these easily implemented steps can be?

Clean up- Before we begin any other initiative, it is necessary that we, as citizens of India clean up the dirt we have already caused. This includes picking up garbage and litter, taking down posters which litter the hundreds of walls across the country, ensuring that garbage finds its proper place inside a dustbin.
It will also have us go out on clean drives to ensure we pick up and dispose of all types of garbage.

Proper Dustbins- The next step has to be set up different kinds of dustbins for different types of garbage and disposables. This is something which can be done with a well thought out collaboration between the government, local civic authorities as well as the citizens of the country. Dustbins should be separated and categorized according to recyclables, perishable, medical waste etc.
This would further help the process of disposal.

Toilets- Another necessary step which needs to be taken by the Government of India and soon, is to work with the various mobile toilet manufacturers and NGOs in order to ensure that a solution is founded for the many who cannot afford to build and maintain a clean toilet in their surrounds.
Portable toilets in India would allow for not just a clean India where people do not get infected due to poor toilet practices but also greater access and efficient waste disposal.

Alternatives- Alternative solutions have to be that we cut down on products which cause littering and/or excessive garbage formation. This would mean that paper posters need to be cut down as well as littering of advertisements etc.
One should find cost-effective alternatives, digitally perhaps.

Awareness- Something which is most lacking in the Indian populous is awareness about the various diseases which can be caused by lack of proper sanitation. While these can be done by larger rallies, advertisements, announcements etc., wider reach can only be attained by a more widespread grass root level campaign.

Further, the country can join hands with mobile toilet manufacturers such Jindal Stainless and come up with better solutions to be implemented as part of various corporate CSRs.

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