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5 Brands of Jackets Every Motorcycle Enthusiasts Should Know

Love riding motorcycle? Then you would love these awesome jacket brands! Check out our rating for the best jacket brands in the country!

Nothing better complements a bike more than a sexy, cool jacket. Elegant motorcycle jackets are the key to show the world that you love your bike and your love riding or exploring. And now, with a number of brands available in India, you can find a motorcycle jacket that’s’ stylish, suits your requirements and matches with your personality. But before you go for jackets and brands, from Icon to Rev’It or even Alpinestars, you should ensure that the jacket you have shortlisted has fine texture, protective layering and offers comfort as well as style. Also, get some diversity in terms of size, texture or the color. Check out the major international brands that you can try for motorcycle riding jackets.


One of the most iconic brands for motorcycle lovers, Rev’It offers a diverse range of products, including but not limited to jackets, helmets, casuals, accessories and even bike parts or tires. The brand has an awesome, mind-boggling collection of jackets. Our favorites include their Excalibur jackets that can be worn throughout the year. Available in the classic black color, these jackets are great for any versatile jacket lover. Their jackets usually have outer shell and lining, with thermal liner options as well. If you are looking for something more comfortable, opt for the ones that have removable waterproof membrane or insulation to protect you when you go for long rides to cold places. Otherwise, there are bright and attractive fashion choices as well, which feature a unique design, with a cool texture so that you ride in true style!


This brand is one of the favorites. In fact, every motorcycle enthusiast should actually invest in the products from Alpinestars. The brand offers road items, auto, cycling and other products, including men’s clothing. But one of their most popular accessories includes jackets. Their moto products range has special air jackets that have a stylish exterior mesh panel with full mesh liner. These jackets are ideal for warm weather so that you don’t feel hot. At the same time, they have elbows ramped up to provide comfort and protection. We recommend that you try their colorful jackets as well, including the ones in dry-star series that have durable design, comfort, versatility, waterproofing capacities and super reliable shoulders.


Icon is another one of the best brands when it comes to motorcycling gears and jackets. They have everything, from vests to jackets and helmets for selection. Their hyper sport jacket is a must try! Their color selection is incredibly vast, with different textures and contrasting tones to choose from. So, if you are a rider who wants style and substance, this is one of the brands that you can try! Their jackets have hycor membrane and available in water-proof designs. They even have chest pocket zippers, sublimated chassis and engineered jackets to ensure that your comfort is supreme when you are riding.

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  1. Hello Nischal Gurung,
    Very nice and informative article you have shared here on 5 Brands of Jackets. I read thoroughly and enjoyed much. Among all Alpinestars is the best one. Thanks for sharing such a nice matter.

    1. I am glad your enjoy the post on the best brands for jackets and Alpinestars is certainly one of the best

  2. Thanks for sharing the original article. I like articles of this kind, ones that make you really think. Anyway, I agree, be very careful ethical issues can arise once you have crossed the line.

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  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing Guide post really helpful for me because I always love to wear celebrity leather jackets at the time bike riding.


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