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13 Reasons To Be Proud Living in New Plymouth

New Plymouth is a small city in Taranaki, in the North Island of New Zealand and living in this city is so amazing. It's a pride to live in such a beautiful city here in New Zealand and for those people who do not know much about New Plymouth, well you definitely should.
    There are various reasons to be proud living in New Plymouth and why? Because of these reasons:

1. Mount Taranaki, a pride, a beauty for which New Plymouth is popularly known for and on its name, the whole region is named. One can see an amazing view of Mount Taranaki from New Plymouth making the city even more beautiful.

2. The Coastal Walkway in New Plymouth is indeed a beautiful asset. Whether you bike or just walk about the coastal walkway, the experience is so enjoyable. The views from the coastal walkway of New Plymouth is stunning. A lot of people around enjoy taking a ride and traveling around the area using the coastal walkway and it is indeed an extraordinary experience to seek for.

3. Pukekura Park: Serenity in its grasp with the beautiful landscape making it so peaceful. Whether be it the open grasslands in the park, the old native trees of New Zealand, the beautifully carved shrubs, bushes and the gardens, the wandering walkways and the naturally flowing streams of water. One can spend an early morning jogging at the park or an afternoon with family or an evening with their picnic blankets. Not to forget Pukekura park is also an awesome venue for shows and concerts that happen frequently. Additionally, the light festival in Pukekura park is stunningly beautiful.

4. Puke Ariki: Whether you're a museum person or not, Puke Ariki is actually a great place to visit and amazing for foreigners who want to know more about the New Zealand culture and history. At Puke Ariki, you can witness great exhibits of the Maori culture in New Zealand and the history of European settlers and how like was like in New Zealand 8 centuries ago, especially in the city of New Plymouth. One can also witness natural history stuffs about wildlife, flora, volcanoes at Puke Ariki museum and for every curious minds, it is a great place to spend a lovely afternoon. 

5. Port Taranaki: Port Taranaki is more of an extension to the coastal walkway in New Plymouth and must say a pride of New Plymouth. Great place for a walk in the evenings or to hope on a bike and take a stunning ride. Great view of the sea, the coast and of course the port and for locals, it can be a great place just to chill around or take a walk with your dog or grab some coffee on the way.

6. Len Lye Centre: A stunning and unique building in the middle of the city of New Plymouth. Indeed a great asset to the city and the exhibitions there also reflect the innovative nature of New Plymouth. The looks of Len Lye centre is amazing with the huge and gigantic mirrored outdoors but show indeed is exceptionally beautiful as well. It is indeed a fascinating experience if you love art and would like to experience the work of the artist.

7. Sugar Loaf Islands and Paritutu Rock: An amazing place to visit on a stunning day in New Plymouth. It is indeed a great experience to climb and the view from the top of the rock in just mind blowing. One can actually get a 360 view of the city of New Plymouth and the surrounding ocean, beaches and Mount Taranaki of course. I think it is recommended for everyone visiting New Plymouth is go for a Paritutu rock climb and enjoy the experience and the stunning view.

8. New Plymouth is indeed a noted city for being a coastal city with a mountain within just a 30 minute drive. So locals and visitors to New Plymouth can actually go snowboarding, mountain hiking, water skiing and surfing all in a single day.

9. TSB Bank Festival of Lights: Something that everyone waits for eagerly and that is Pukekura Park lighting up beautifully in December. The TSB Bank Festival of Lights runs every year from the middle of December till February where the whole park is lit up beautifully. There are lots of programmes, events and concerts happening at Pukekura these times and every evening, this part transforms into a lighted wonderland.

10. Not to forget, New Plymouth has also won an award called the Top Town award in 2008 from North and South Magazine for being the best place to live, work and raise a family in New Zealand.

11. The New Plymouth region has about 20 golf courses of varied sizes which are just in close proximity to each other and are also rated one of the best in NZ.

12. As the cycling culture in New Plymouth is very popular, it has won numerous awards which included the Cycle Friendly Award in 2008 for being the city with the best cycle facility in New Zealand.

13. Te Rewa Rewa Bridge: One of the most popular structure in New Plymouth, Te Rewa Rewa has won a lot of awards and is a pedestrian and cycleway bridge which run across the Waiwhakaiho River in New Plymouth.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful from start to finish and an easy sell as a desired destination. Congratulations!. Only check the grammar and or spelling errors!.


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