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The To-Do List For 2016: New Year’s Resolution Intensified

As 2015 has almost come to an end and stepping into 2016, a new year brings new hope, new goals and ambitions. There is so much to see, so much to achieve and so much to do so here are the intensified version of a new year’s resolution which I call the to-do list for 2016.

1. Start a YouTube Channel.
2.                   Buy my own car.
3.                   Get a New Zealand Driver’s Licence.
4.                   Try at least one adrenaline rushed adventure sport.
5.                    Date someone hot.
6.                   Get an award.
7.                    Master the foreign languages I have been learning.
8.                    Join a gym.
9.                     Attend a concert.
10.            Go for a solo vacation.
11.                     Learn how to cook.
12.           Learn how to swim.
13.           Graduate, topping the class.
14.           Get double the amount of views on my blog this year than I ever got.
15.            Lose weight.
16.           Be a part of a film project.
17.            Have a “The Hangover” moment.
18.            Be on the stage.
19.           Get recognition for something great.
20.      Attend a suit and tie event.
21.            Visit Hobbiton.
22.      Spend a night in a camp tent.
23.      Go skinny dipping.
24.      Take a boat trip.
25.      Run a marathon.
26.      Become a feminist. Not going for marches or blabering about it in my blog but to do something when I see something. Speak up for women who are abused.
27.       Take one big amazing train trip.
28.       Donate blood.
29.      Make an incredibly important decision very quickly.
30.      Get lost somewhere beautiful.
31.           Change someone else’s tire.
32.      Stand for something and make enemies.
33.      Sleep outside.
34.      Sing in front of an audience (I know I suck at it even though).
35.      Walk around barefooted (the kiwi way).
36.      Get your blog featured on something big.
37.       SAVE. This year will be expensive.
38.       Learn how to dance.
39.      Get a LCQ licence.
40.      Buy a new decent camera.
41.           Get past over the fear of diving or jumping in the water.
42.      Get a bizarre hair color that everyone disapproves of.
43.      Grow a moustache (may take me months).
44.      Go for a trip in the mountains.
45.      Visit Rotorua and explore the rich Maori culture.
46.      Say yes to a spontaneous road trip.
47.       Get a ‘wow’ and ‘bravo’ from my professor.
48.       Volunteer, doesn’t matter where but give time to somewhere necessary and meaningful.
49.      Cheer up a sad friend and plan something exciting.

50.       Face your fears, be yourself and show the world the awesome person that could have laid hidden in me.

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  1. You've got a hell bunch of resolutions! ALL THE BEST, and even if those all couldn't get featured in 2016, 2017 will come after a year anyway. haha.. Happy New Year Nischal :)

  2. What a list :) I wanna try skinny dipping soon though haha


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