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Start Your Blog with a BANG

Most people think that it’s easy to make a popular blog, but when they start posting and see poor statistics, they realize that blogosphere is one very competitive environment and that hardly anybody is interested in reading their daily thoughts. Good blog is mostly about the content, but there are lots of other very important aspects that make it popular and even lucrative, if it is made for commercial purposes. In this article we analyzed some of the most important criteria for creating and running a successful blog.

Choosing the Right Topic
Every topic can be turned into an amazing blog, but it is always better to choose topics you are passionate about, or at least have some knowledge beforehand. First blogs were written in the form of diaries, and people were mostly sharing stories from their everyday life. Although today this might sound strange, these first blogs were very popular. If they weren’t, this writing format would never became so widely acclaimed and spread all around the world.
If you wish to earn money from your blog, always stick to the familiar niches, from which you can provide plenty of interesting content. Because if you haven’t heard already, “Content is King”. There are also other important criteria that can turn your blog into TechCrunch, PerezHilton or LifeHacker. Some of the most important questions to answer before choosing a topic are:
   How big is the target audience?
   Does the topic have a long-term appeal?
   Is there enough sub-topics to write about?
   How strong is the competition in that niche?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the basics for creating and running a successful blog. Choosing the right keywords and inserting them in posts can largely improve your blog statistics. Of course, for some time now, Google has stopped being all about keywords. Making an SEO optimized blog also means that you need to work a lot on its design, content as well as link building. For good SEO it is also essential that you follow the latest Search Engine trends, as Google often changes its algorithm and introduces new criteria for website ranking. Currently you should focus on the following:

   Focusing on long-tail keywords
   Using responsive design
   Optimizing blog images
   Linking both internally and externally

Creating Great Content

Plenty of long-tail keywords and SEO expert teams won’t help you if your content is not unique and worthy. You should always stick to the topic and post content which your targeted audience is interested in. Although textual blogs are the most common ones, you don’t need to stick to blog posts, articles, news or poems. You can also include video material, songs, sketches or any other kind of artwork, infographics etc. Possibilities are endless.  Whatever you post it is important that your content is unique. By posting interesting and original content you are building your reputation and in time, more and more people will start linking to your blog posts.

Blog Design

Blog design is another important matter that attracts visitors and makes them feel welcome. These are some of the things you should keep in mind:

   Responsiveness – make your blog responsive so it can be interesting for both desktop and mobile users.
   Cut Page Bloat – it should load as fast as possible, large images cause slow performance.
   Easy to Navigate – make menus visible and easy to navigate
   Keep It Fresh – change your blog’s design from time to time, add special holiday themes that include: snowflakes, sun, shells, Santa, your most interesting New Year images, etc.
   Show off the best content – pages or posts that are doing better than others should be highlighted. 

Running a successful blog became a full time job long time ago. Popular blogs can be very profitable, which makes this market highly competitive in lots of different niches. That’s why it is important for newbie bloggers to go one step further, follow the rules written above and start their blog with a bang.

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