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International Students in New Zealand: What to Carry While You Travel

  So got into a university in New Zealand and traveling here from a distant country? Well, as every new International student, there will be a lot of excitement, nervousness and confusion what to carry in your luggage while you travel to New Zealand for study.

International Students in New Zealand: What to Carry While You Travel

     Well, this article may give you a brief idea about what to carry and what not to carry while you are traveling all the way to this corner of the world, New Zealand.

     New Zealand is a well developed country, where you can basically get everything though there may be some items that maybe a little expensive and is recommended to get it from home.

1. Travel Bags: When you are traveling to New Zealand from an International location for study, invest on a good travel bag and trolley bags. The travel time maybe pretty long and you may also have to travel inland New Zealand to a lot of places. So getting a durable, working travel bags is highly recommended.

2. Clothes for All Seasons: The weather is New Zealand is very unstable. It maybe sunny and may take 5 minutes for it to rain and another fine minutes to be sunny again and then rainy after another five minutes. A lot of places in New Zealand is pretty cold so do invest in some good jackets and coats. New Zealand is a place where you can involve yourself in a lot of outdoor activity so get clothes for those as well. However, clothes here are pretty cheap as well so get over the myth that all clothes here are very expensive unless you go for some really expensive brands and designer clothes. As a native from India, I personally found the price of clothes in New Zealand pretty okay so do not over pack your luggage with just clothes as you can buy it here for some decent price.

3. Shoes: Same goes with shoes again. You can buy a lot of cheap shoes in New Zealand itself but some good brands may be really expensive. It is recommended get a pair of good running shoes for outdoor activities and other casual shoes for your needs but don't overload your baggage allowance with just shoes as you can get some at pretty decent price in New Zealand.

4. Toiletries: The travel time can be hectic. Get few essential toiletries you need while you travel. You may have a long flight, especially if you're traveling from Asia or Europe and also includes transits so you may need it on your way and also on your first few days in New Zealand. So get at least the essentials that you need so that you have all you need and do not have to go shopping again jet-lagged and tired.

5. Driver's Licence: If you drive and have an International drivers' licence from your country, it is highly recommended to get one. Driving is pretty common in New Zealand and international students use their cars to drive here. New Zealand accepts most International driver's until certain validity so get one for yourself. Plus cars in New Zealand is pretty cheap and you can get used cars for some great price so investing in one is great once you settle in after you join your university as an international student traveling to New Zealand.

6. All Your Documents and Copies of it: Make sure you carry all your travel and academic documents needed once you are entering New Zealand from your country and also carry photocopies of them as you may need it a lot of times. Especially when you're enrolling at your university, looking for jobs, looking for a house, etc, identification documents and educational transcripts and copies of them are needed. Also do carry passport sized photos of yourself which you need really frequently.

7. International Credit/Debit Card: Carry money using an International Credit or Debit card is the easiest and reliable way to carry money. You can invest on travel cards for money as well though I personally feel it is unnecessary and actually works pretty well with an ATM card. The exchange rate is pretty good and commission or bank charges is pretty minimum as its okay to carry just an International ATM card. But before moving to New Zealand, check with your bank if your card would work in NZ and if not, apply for one which does.

8. Good Camera and Laptop: You can probably buy that in New Zealand as well but if you think you can get one for cheaper in your country, as a student you need one. New Zealand is really beautiful and you would love to capture pictures here so a good camera is definitely needed. All your university assignments and researches would depend upon a computer as well so you would need a laptop for sure.

9. A suit or a business attire: New Zealand isn't a very formal country but if you're involves in a professional course, then getting a good suits or business attire is recommended which you may need for job interviews, work or attending formal occasions.

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