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How to Be a Cyber Safe and Smart Parent

Today’s world is governed by technology and the internet. Their influence is so far-reaching that it has also gripped the hearts and minds of children. And, although this new tech age has great possibilities and immense wealth in knowledge being widely available, it also poses a threat to the new generations. Nowadays, children spend even more time in front of the screen than they should. Even though it is not an altogether bad thing, parents must still be aware of their kids’ cyber activity. In creating a safe and healthy online experience, parents will protect their children and influence their development.
Getting Involved

By choosing to spend time on the computer with their children, parents will increase time spent bonding with them and also have a chance to monitor their activity. Subtly implementing their presence, they can influence the child’s whereabouts online and restrict their overall digital usage. This serves as an excellent parental supervision technique. Not only does it provide indirect control, making sure children are safe, but it secures a fun and healthy environment for them. While parents have the added joy of getting to know their child’s interests from an early age, it ultimately means that kids will enjoy their cyber time and learn that parental presence is a good thing.

Proper Education

Properly teaching your kids how to use the computer and internet is truly vital. Children are in nature very curious and as great as this is, it can be a problem on the internet. Parents should immediately add and explain the rules, such as never giving out personal information on the web. But, parents should never directly restrict content. They should provide ample ways of satisfying their curiosity. This can easily be done by implementing new content once in a while and turning everything into a task game. When the child views it as a game, it will be more interested.  Also, it provides the opportunity to systematically learn and progress. As a result, the child will view this as a challenge and become more focused in excelling and getting the reward at the end. This makes for a great way of teaching them the values of consistency, perseverance, and concentration.

Child-Proofing Your Technology

Another important fact is the technology itself. Parents should always have in mind that their child is using the computer. Making the computer child-safe is as essential as making sure sharp objects and chemicals are out of their reach. In order to do this, parents will have to add anti-virus software, block pop-ups, and adjust privacy settings to make a safe, child-proof environment. Also, parents will have to make their own content unreachable, or even have a separate children’s computer in order to this.

Fun and Games

Even though computer and video games are considered entertainment, they should also be used to improve your children’s minds. Most computer games can help in child development (most notably reflexes), response time, and hand-eye coordination. But, some are even more beneficial. Computer games like online Sudoku games help a child acquire higher cognitive and logical thinking, memory games help with long and short term memory, and word games aid in developing language skills. These games are not only useful and interactive. They are an ideal opportunity for parents to play with their children. But, most importantly, parents should always be present. Making sure that video games have a limited time in a child’s day-to-day activities is very important. In addition, making sure your children play the right kind of video game is essential as well. Unlike the previously mentioned games, some games initiate violent and aggressive behavior in children. Also, research shows that such games can also lead to addiction. So, parents should never use video games as an excuse from parenting, but a fun way for their child to grow and develop.

With technology and the internet becoming a major part of their world, parents should open their children up to it. But, by implementing safety strategies like these, they can secure a safe and healthy environment even online. Not only that, but by opening a child to the right kind of content, parents will open their child to an entirely new world of knowledge.  In the end, both children and parents can safely have fun and develop their relationship online.

About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

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