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How Do Parties Affect Child’s Cognitive Development

 Children generally love and enjoy parties. Still, a birthday party is important on many levels and it is not just about having fun. Birthday party for children is a lot more than the meeting of their friends and relatives, or a simple confirmation that they are a year older. In a special way, birthday parties stimulate children’s curiosity, their desire to learn, live differently and explore fun times. Birthday is something that has life and a great emotional charge.

Showing the love
In this day and age economic circumstances dictate the daily routine for the parents and most of them have to be away from home for reasons of work, so it is important to have special moments to share with kids. When a great day such as a child’s birthday comes up, it is not just any date, it is one of the most important dates in the development of human beings. It is the best occasion to show your children how much you really love them.

Boosting a child’s self-esteem
What for an adult is a moment of fleeting joy, for the child is the confirmation of his/her personality - the birthday boy/girl is the center of attention, which produces a positive stimulation in their own assessment.

Many benefits of the party
A family collectively celebrating the birthday produces beneficial mental states that help maintain and develop relations of the members. The birthday celebration benefits the child in every way. They are taught to share, to participate and collaborate in the activities of the party, to enjoy the company of other children, to experience relationships and situations thus accepting the standards more easily, and valuing themselves and others more. A party is a great way to boost children’s self-esteem, develop their creative thinking, teach them how to show emotions the right way, and expand their social relationships.

Careful organization
It is important to plan a birthday party according to the age, interests and personal characteristics of the child. Currently, the tendency is to have a party away from home; for example, fast food restaurants that offer attractive alternatives for the birthdays are a practical solution for parents who cannot organize an event due to the lack of time and space. Moreover, by going a step further and organizing theme parties such as superhero or army parties, parents can set a positive influence for their children by having them feel and understand the responsibility and importance of being brave, grateful and helpful to others.

Time awareness
It does not matter whether the party is big or small provided that it retains the true sense of birthday and that the child perceives it as a special and joyful day, and not only as an opportunity to receive gifts. Through a good memory, children are marking the course of the year, thus favoring the development of the notion of time.

Memories for life
Capturing images of these special moments will immortalize the memories. Seeing them, children can recognize themselves in different situations, which can help them to strengthen their identity. Furthermore, as they grow, they will be given a possibility to compare between what they were before and how they are today, recognizing the differences between being ‘big’ and being ‘kids’. Parents can also take this opportunity to point out the achievements and learning that occurred during that year. Highlighting these developments certainly helps with building self-confidence.

Development of social skills
It is through celebrating their birthday with their families, friends and the whole class that the children build their social identity. In the family circle, this celebration will allow a child to feel like a part of the family, which can be very important, especially in a step family.

In kindergarten, children become actors and motors in organizing their birthday by choosing who they want to invite themselves. They begin to be autonomous and adopt a selective manner when it comes to their circle of friends.
Finally, celebrating their birthday at school allows the children to integrate into the class, while being individually recognized by both the teacher and the classmates.

In the end, the decor, the cake, or how much money parents spent on the party are not that important. The essential thing is that the birthday is truly celebrated. The children will feel loved if this day is remembered, if their loved ones are around and if everyone is happy to be there.

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