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Eight Android Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Blogging is no longer a unique platform, but it is still the most effective way to increase your brand value and generate inbound marketing. The power of blogging can be utilized when you have fresh and consistent content, updated frequently.
Here are 7 android apps that would help with your content and generate more traffic to your website.

WordPress App for Android
Wordpress is probably the first name that every blog writer thinks of. It is one of the easiest CMS platforms around as it allows you to write, edit and post content without any hassles. The entire process is so user-friendly that you can master it within a day.
The Wordpress app can now publish your own content, check the statistics and manage comments. It would also help you to put in more content, making your job faster and easier.

Tumblr is an entirely different kind of blogging platform. You can use the Tumbl app to post videos, images and quotes; and even generate short bursts of content to keep the reader interested. Tumblr is extremely easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface where you have access to several icons to post to different kinds of media.
If you are keen on posting good content and want people to see it, then Tumblr is a good option. You have access to stylish themes as well, so you can make your blog extremely attractive. However, Tumblr is more suited to users who concentrate on just blogging and nothing more. You cannot expand your blogging platform and make it a website.

If you like to ‘blog on the go’ and would like to do it on your smartphone, then the Writer app would be the one for you. This is a superb writing tool that lets you create plenty of content, thanks to its excellent writing environment.
It would let you focus on the task at hand – writing, and though it doesn't act like the traditional word processor, it is extremely useful whether you want to sketch a few notes or type in a full novel.

Developed and managed by Google, the Blogger is another user-friendly app that anyone can easily handle. If you have Google credentials then you can easily use it to sign up with Blogger and just start with blogging. With the Blogger app, you can publish news write-ups, images, blog entries and much more.
If you have more than one blogging account, then you can easily switch between those with Blogger. And what's more, you can even add location to your blog. Once your blog is complete, you can publish it right from your smartphone. One of the most unique features of the blogger is that you can fit it into any style that you want.
Additionally, it has easy-to-use templates, lots of background images, flexible layouts and plenty of features that would let your blog stand out. You can also create a custom domain with Blogger.

In the olden days when you were writing, you had to pick up a dictionary to look up a word to be sure of its meaning or context. When the internet came, the job of searching for a word became easier because you can just type it in any of the online dictionaries.
With Dictionary.com, the job is further simplified. You can just click on a word as you type and you will get its meaning, complete with examples. This app is particularly suitable for native writers.

If you are a blogger and would like to share your content across different social media channels, then you can use the Buffer app. With this app, you can share content from one media to another. It could be Linked In, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.
And the other major benefit is that you can time it according to your schedule. So even if you are away from the computer or on vacation, the posts would be automatically published.

Facebook Pages Manager
If your company has a Facebook page and you need to manage it without anyone else's help when you are away from the computer, then installing the Facebook Pages Manager for Android would be the perfect option for you.
With this app, you can do anything with your post - edit it, boost it, view page insights, reply to messages and share content from one app to another and so on. If you want a vibrant following for your blog, this app would help with it.

Swift Keyboard
While writing, even expert writers are apt to make mistakes. The Swift Keyboard is the perfect tool for correcting such mistakes, and get the copy ready for publishing. The app has the capability to remember your past typing activities and would therefore make word predictions to help with your writing. This would save time for you in the long run. You can even configure the app to personalize your choice of words.
There are several other apps in the market that would help make your writing perfect while saving time in the long run. The names of some such apps are: Photo editor, Disqus, Flipboard, BeyondPod Podcast Manager, Pocket, Evernote, Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder, LiveJournal and still plenty more.

About The Author
This article is authored by Sunu Philip, the Inbound Marketing Head for Cabot Technology Solutions – an IT consulting firm specializing in web and mobile technology solutions. Cabot offers progressive end-to-end business solutions, blending a solid business domain experience, technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model.

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