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5 Things to Add a Tinge of Life to Your Profession: Happiness at Workplace

 Who’s there?
-Monotony, want to play a hand?
No, I’m quite tired of my job. Everything seems so dull.

While the above conversation might seem a wee bit dramatic, but it states the reality quite conspicuously. Surrounded by targets, tackling challenges every day, enduring nagging bosses and being a part of dirty workplace politics, there’s so much that makes you fret and crib about the job. But, there’s simply one reason to awaken a sense of gratitude from inside- you have a job.
Agreed, the bulk of your life might be on the clock, but are you the only one?
This for sure gives you a reason to find happiness at workplace. After all, satisfaction is the key to trying with a harder gut every time.  There’s perfectly no need to worry. Grab a gasp and drop a glance on the tips mentioned below.

1. Make it a Priority

For sure, those numbers are way more important at work, but this is the most important step to start with. It’s not Osmosis that happiness will evolve at your workplace at its own pace. It is a feeling that you need to pick, hunt and fight for. All that’s required is for you to resist the urge to beat yourself over failures and address problems in the bud right away.
Take steps to stay protected against similar problems in the future and then, just let go. It’s all about making a conscious decision to not allow life’s roadblock throw you off-track. Perseverance for sure has a great role to play over here.

2.Try Yourself More

Sitting within the confines of your comfort zone is what that’s been giving you a kick to break free from the shackles of this dull work life. To discover happiness, you must take more chances and stop playing safe. Have a look at all entrepreneurs who made it big in the corporate arena. They were all ready to sacrifice everything, from their parents’ retirement funds, to the cushy comfort of their executive chairs.
Once you make your own path and score results, happiness is bound to step in on its own.

3.  Start the Day Positively

A study conducted on several customer service representatives shows that a good mood in the morning makes the day to far more productive than anything else.  This will definitely affect the kind of interactions you have at work, hence the quality of communication stemming out from your thoughts.
Take a few minutes to savor your morning tea (or hot chocolate or coffee or whatever you drink in the morning), get some fresh air, go for a 20 min walk, which is backed up by research to boost happiness during the entire day.

4. Forgive Yourself, Probably

Perfectionists might have a hard time making peace with this one, but forgiving yourself for the blunders made at work is probably the best of ideas that work. Give yourself the permission to make a mistake and stop repenting if one is committed. The moment you try this, there for sure will be a release from thoughts that induce fear and apprehensions in your mind. Of course, the same keeps you motivated with the job as well.

5. Spend Some Time With Your Family

It’s probably the inability to find the right work-life balance that’s worrying you. Having a rich personal life is what makes a happier and productive employee. Of course, positive relationships improve the satisfaction level and reduces loneliness in every walk of professional life.
For instance, having a problem with your family members keeps you up all night, hence creating sleeping disorders. This can easily be averted, find some time from those meetings and give it to your spouse and kids.

It’s all about finding the hack that brings a smile on your face. Stay happy and observe the ‘ripple-effect’ at work.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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